Cardi B Responds To Carole Baskin’s Criticism Of “Wap” Music Video

The controversial animal rights activist from ‘Tiger King’ took issue with big cats being used in the visuals.

(AllHipHop News) Not only did Cardi B and Megan Thee Stallion’s “Wap” video have cameos from celebrities like Kylie Jenner and Normani, but it also featured tigers and cheetahs. The digital effects/practical effects presentation earned critical praise and over 87 million first-week YouTube views.

However, “Wap” was met with a lot of critiques as well. While some critics were bothered by the sexually-explicit content, Carole Baskin from Netflix’s Tiger King: Murder, Mayhem and Madness docuseries took issue with the big cats that were used in the Colin Tilley-directed visuals.

“The worst part is that it glamorizes the idea of rich people having tigers as pets,” argued Baskin. “That makes every ignorant follower want to imitate by doing the same. After tigers are too old for pay to play sessions by people like Joe Exotic, Bhagavan Antle, Marc McCarthy, Mario Tabraue, and others, they become a liability instead of an asset.”

She continued, “While I think most are destroyed behind closed gates at that point, some end up being given away to people who want to have a tiger to show off. That never works out and the cats either die or end up dumped in sanctuaries or, worse yet, breeding mills. Either way, it’s always abusive to the cat.”

In a new interview, Cardi B was asked about the Big Cat Rescue CEO’s criticism of the “Wap” video featuring cheetahs and tigers. The Bronx-raised superstar brought up that Baskin was accused of killing her second husband, Don Lewis, by allegedly feeding him to the animals at her sanctuary.

“I’m not gonna engage with Carole Baskin on that,” Cardi told i-D. “Like, that’s just ridiculous you know? Oh, Lord. Like, girl you killed your g###### husband.” Baskin has denied murdering Lewis.