Cardi B Says Bye To Twitter Over Doll Beef And Explains Why Music Will Never Make Her Wealthy

Cardi B

Cardi B is sick and tired of people trolling her and bullying her on Twitter over the decisions she makes regarding her career. 

Rap star Cardi B has had enough of Twitter’s toxicness, so she has disabled her account on the social media platform. 

Cardi has grown tired of her fans, and trolls harassing her due to their growing impatience for a new album from the Bronx rapper.  

The issues for Cardi on Twitter started last night (March 5th) when she hit the TODAY show to announce she was entering into the toy business in a new venture where she will produce her own doll, which will drop this July. 

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Cardi posted of picture of her new doll, which is created in her own image and likeness. 

“I’m going to keep constantly dropping… they look like myself however I would love to do dolls of other artists,” Cardi B explained. 

However, things quickly went left on Twitter, when her fans kept harassing her for new music. The bullying led Cardi to deactivate her Twitter account. 

A frustrated Cardi deleted her account and explained why she left Twitter on Instagram live. 

“I woke up really aggravated because some of my fans just a couple of my fans know how hard I’ve been working on something that is something physical,” Cardi B complained. “I’ve been really sick, I’ve been with a lot of pressure I have a f###### stiff neck. My body’s hurting, my body’s aching and I’ve been trying to do things to please my fans and I be overworking. My body’s burned out…

“If you one of my fans you know that when I drop a music video, it takes a whole month to do a music video, cause I don’t like to drop b#######, okay. I be feeling like a lot of people be dropping b####### and I’m just not that type of artist anymore. When I came out I kept constantly dropping, and I did good, but I’m not on that time anymore. I want my s### to be f###### perfect. So it really aggravates me when I’m working and I’m constantly working and then people act like brats. I don’t even want my kids to be a brat so why do you think that I want you to act like a brat?” Cardi B fumed. 

Cardi explained that if she wanted to become wealthy, she needed to branch out and create new businesses. 

“Look at Jay-Z. People don’t get rich just off music. I got to venture off to do other business ventures. It’s f###### wack every time I do a business venture you got people harassing me for an album,” Cardi B said.

While some of her fans may be heated over the lack of new music, the Bardi Gang supported her doll, which sold out in minutes. 

In October of 2020, Cardi deleted her Twitter account after fans criticized her for smoking a cigarette and harassed her for reconciling her relationship with her husband Offset.