Cardi B Says Capitalism Is Turning COVID-19 Into A Big Business

Cardi B

The rap star explained how much she has to shell-out each week, just for testing so her staff can stay productive during the global pandemic.

Cardi B has to shell out $250 for each COVID-19 test taken by the star and her team so she can continue working during the global pandemic.

The “Bodak Yellow” hitmaker admits she has to pick up the bill multiple times a week as her entire hair and makeup crew and members of her management all have to receive the COVID all clear before they can join her on a film, TV or music video set, and it’s costing her big.

“I get Covid tested bout 4 times a week,” she shared on Twitter. “My glam and management gotta get tested as well. Everytime we get tested is about $250 each. This is seriously a new business.”

Cardi explained she has no choice but to abide by the rigorous testing schedules if she wants to work, because it’s all part of the strict health and safety regulations introduced by industry officials to minimize the spread of the virus while enabling filming to continue.

“It’s necessary because if you in my space and you get Covid I can get sued,” she told one follower. “If I do a commercial and I get Covid the company can get sued. Its all about not being a liability and is a requirement… we pay out our own pockets.”

The rapper then fired back at critics who suggested she was making a fuss out of nothing.

“Well this tweet is not about complaining is about CAPITALISM! How Covid is becoming a business…,” she wrote. “How ya getting mad at me because it’s a requirement to get tested ?Just to shoot a commercial even the janitors must get tested twice.”