Cardi B Says She Already Shared Herpes Tests Results In Legal Battle

Cardi B vs Tasha K

Cardi B said she already handed in her test results and is prepared to go to any lengths to prove Vlogger Tasha K was lying.

Cardi B was ordered to turn over herpes test results by a judge in her defamation case last week. However, according to Cardi, whose real name is Belcalis Almánzar, she already has. 

As AllHipHop reported last week, Judge William M. Ray II ordered UCLA to hand over and HPV test-related documentation on Monday (Nov. 22). According to Cardi B, she turned over her results months ago.  

The Atlantic Records artist made the claims in the comments section of an Instagram post from “NeighborhoodTalk.” “The test results been already turned in for 3 month’s already however her lawyers requested for all of my medical records which got denied by the judge!” Cardi B claimed. “Only herpes and hpv will be for the trial as judge requested!” 

Cardi B shared that she will go to any lengths to prove the claims made against her by vlogger Tasha K. are untrue.  

“And for the people who lack comprehension reason why I sued in the first place is because I wanted to publicly prove that these deceases and claims this woman made about me are false and I’m willing to do anything and everything to prove it. THANKS.”   

The “Bodak Yellow” rapper sued the vlogger for defamation back in 2019 accusing Tasha K. of spreading lies about her, including one saying Cardi B has herpes. Cardi said she has already complied with the order and provided her results. Meanwhile, Tasha K. attempted to countersue, alleging Cardi ordered fans to send her death threats. However, the suit was dismissed.  

Later, Cardi B and Kyle from “NeighborhoodTalk” got into it after Cardi objected to the post.