Cardi B Shuts Down Rumors About Her and Billie Eilish Beefing

Cardi B

Cardi B has denied growing speculation that she has beef with Billie Eilish after the singer was caught on camera making comments.

Despite what Twitter is saying, rapper Cardi B and singer Billie Eilish are not beefing. In fact, the two are more concerned about their real friendship than anything brewing in the innerweb.

After the Met Gala on Monday, May 2nd, the Bronx beauty hosted a kickback for her friends, fans, and colleagues. A video showing the mother of two encouraging people to enjoy the party started to go viral. 

Cardi dropped this on the crowd, “Playboy bunnies, tonight we are gonna have fun. Make sure y’all get y’all drinks. Make sure y’all get y’all (sniff).”

The second cut of the video showed fans gathering around Cardi with their cell phones and Eilish mouthing “so weird.”

Trolls online called her a “true Barb,” the term to describe Nicki Minaj fans — referencing the longstanding beef between the two women who once fought during New York Fashion Week.

But hours later, after people started circulating the clip, the “WAP” chart-topper shut down the rumors about her being at odds with Billie Eilish, calling the young singer her “f##king baby.”

She tweeted, “I hate the internet cause one, how do y’all turn one of the most lit parties into drama. Two, Ocean eyes is the song I cater to my daughter. Three, Billie is my f***in baby. Yesterday, from the met to the party, everything was drama-free. Why do yall wanna turn everything into mess?”

In the tweet, Cardi shared private voice notes between herself and the “When The Party’s Over” singer.

The DMs were voice notes, where the 20-year-old told her industry big sis that she was “f##king worried you were going to see that. I was calling the people around you weird because everyone was coming up to you and shoving their phones in your ass. I was like just look at her with your eyes.”

Cardi then said, “the internet is trying to divide us…I hate the innanet.”