Cardi B Snaps On Trolls Questioning Her Parenting Style

Cardi B

Cardi B had some words for trolls on Twitter, who called her out after she turned off her hit song “WAP” when her child walked into the room.

Cardi B has defended her decision not to let her two-year-old daughter listen to her controversial 2020 hit “WAP.”

Trolls aimed at the rapper after a video of her turning off the raunchy track as Kulture entered the room went viral over the weekend.

Some suggested there was a double standard at play and Cardi should not have released the track she recorded with Megan Thee Stallion if she wasn’t comfortable putting it on around the house.

Cardi B took to social media on Monday to fire back at critics and defend her parenting choices.

“Ya needs to stop with this already…!” she posted. “I don’t make music for kids I make music for adults. Parents are responsible on what their children listen too or see… I’m a very sexual person but not around my child just like every other parent should be.”

The former erotic dancer added: “There’s moms who are strippers. Pop p####, twerk all night for entertainment does that mean they do it around their kids? No! Stop makin this a debate. (It’s) pretty much common sense.”