Cardi B Speaks On Twitter Beef With Cuban Doll

“You’re not going to constantly keep trying my gangsta.”

Cardi B was back in the news after the Invasion of Privacy rapper got into a heated online exchange with Cuban Doll. The feud over accusations of inspiration and cheating became a trending topic on the social media platform.

An image of Cuban Doll in a leopard print outfit seated in a room covered in leopard print caused some fans to point out the similarities between that image and Cardi’ Bs “WAP” music video. Cuban denied being inspired by the Grammy winner and allegedly posted subliminal diss tweets directed at Cardi.

This eventually led to Cuban Doll claiming Cardi B’s husband, Offset of the Migos, once tried to sleep with her. Cardi then fired back by posting a 2018 video of Cuban admitting she never had sex with, met, or even spoke to Offset.

Following the highly-publicized conflict on Twitter, Cardi B connected with Armon Wiggins of The Armon Wiggins Show for a Twitter Spaces session. The Bronx-bred entertainer addressed the back-and-forth with Cuban Doll.

“A lot of s### is going to be inspirational. People are going to get inspired or things are going to look alike. I feel like all these female rap chicks be looking alike. So I don’t care about that,” explained Cardi B.

She continued, “But when you do two tweets trying to throw shots at me for no reason, it gets to the point that it starts going to my head – ‘Wait a minute. This b#### has been trying to play me for two years and I’ve been taking the high road…’ I am not a punk. I am not p####… You’re not going to constantly keep trying my gangsta, over and over and over again.”

Cardi B went on to say she did not start these issues with Cuban Doll. The “Up” hitmaker insisted she only responded to now-deleted tweets from the “Let It Blow” rapstress. The conversation with Armon Wiggins also included Cardi claiming Cuban initiated the drama as a form of promotion for her upcoming music.

In addition, Cardi B stated, “Let’s be clear, you tweeted that s### because you wanted a response from me. And I gave you the response. And my thing is if you wanted a response, stand on it. Don’t try to say I was playing a victim, don’t try to say I was trying to bully you. You know what you were doing. You subbed me for f###### reason – for a response, and I gave you a response.”

The Twitter Spaces discussion also featured Cardi B warning fans of her rivals, like Nicki Minaj, not to let Cuban Doll “pander” to them in order to get their support. According to Cardi, she and Cuban were “cool” at one time before it became “convenient” for Cuban to “switch.”

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