Cardi B Gets Breathing Room In $5 Million Battle With Humiliated Tattooed Guy

Cardi B

Cardi B will be able to take a break between court dates, now that her battle with a tattooed guy has been pushed back – again!

Rap star Cardi B will get a break from court after her skirmish with Tasha K wraps up.

The superstar rapper is currently fighting Tasha K in a high-profile defamation case taking place in Atlanta.

Cardi was supposed to suit up for a legal war with Kevin Michael Brophy next month, on February 1st. Brophy wants $5 million from Cardi B, insisting she wrecked his life and belittled him by using his unique back tattoo on the cover of her mixtape “Gangsta B#### Music Vo1 1.”

The cover features Cardi chugging down a 40 ounce of beer in the back of a luxury vehicle, as a man sits snugly between her wide open legs.

Tattoo Cardi B allegedly stole
Tattoo Cardi B Allegedly stole/exhibit

He originally wanted to battle Cardi in December of 2021, but the rap star successfully argued that her court squabble with Tasha K, in addition to her hectic work schedule, would be too much on her and her growing family.

Brophy tried to have Cardi sanctioned when she trekked to Paris for Fashion Week, claiming the rap star lied to have the court date pushed back.

His attempt was futile, and the judge set the trial date for February 1st. Now, Kevin Michael Brophy is going to have to wait even longer to get his day in court with Cardi B.

Thanks to the COVID emergency in California, all jury trials in the state have been postponed.

Earlier this week, the judge presiding over the case decided to delay the trial – indefinitely.

All parties will reconvene on February 4th when a judge will assess the situation and set a new trial date.

Cardi B Tattoo Trial Delayed AGAIN
Cardi B Tattoo Trial Delayed AGAIN