Cardi B’s Track “Up” Soars To The Top Of The Charts Despite Theft Claim

Cardi B UP artwork

Cardi’s new song is zooming up the chart in the middle of a controversy over whether or not she stole the hook.

Cardi B has hit back at two New Jersey rappers who accused her of ripping off their tune “Stuck” for her new single “Up.”

Mir Pesos and Mir Fontane alleged the “WAP” star had plagiarized their song for “Up,” sharing a clip that compared the videos of both “Stuck” and “Up.”

As well as both having minimalistic beats, the tunes have one line in particular that is incredibly similar. While Fontane raps, “If it’s up then it’s stuck. Up then it’s stuck, yeah” in Stuck, Cardi sings, “If it’s up, then it’s up, then it’s up, then it’s stuck” in Up.

Pesos and Fontane, who released “Stuck” in September, but claim they previewed it on YouTube on August 6th, took to Twitter and Instagram to make their plagiarism claims, writing: “They stealing… We want my money.”

However, Cardi was quick to respond to the similarities, sharing an Instagram video of herself singing the song that she claims was recorded in August as she wrote: “From August 7th… I been working on this. Sorry lil boy never hurd of you.”

Meanwhile, Cardi’s version of the song is dominating Apple’s charts around the globe. “Up” is currently on #1 in Ghana and Bulgaria, #2 in Barbados and #4.