Cassidy Talks The Game, Meek Mill & Beanie Sigel Feuds (VIDEO)


(AllHipHop News) Cassidy is one of the rappers to have gone head-to-head with Meek Mill.

As Meek continues to take shots from Los Angeles’ The Game and Philadelphia’s Beanie Sigel, Cassidy sat down with ThisIs50 to talk about the feuds.

The Philly rhymer admitted he was not closely following the situation, but he allowed his younger associates to kind of keep him posted on the happenings.

Even with his limited knowledge of the back-and-forth, Cassidy explained why he has no plans to jump into the dispute.

“I don’t feel no type of way about it. I see a lot of people commenting on social media like, ‘Yo, help Meek for Philly. You should really help Meek.’ It’s like, ‘What?’ Meek never helped me do nothing,” said Cass. “When I had problems paying a bill or something, it’s like, ‘Where was Meek?'”

According to Cassidy, he made money with The Game but never with Meek Mill.

The “I’m A Hustla” rhymer also stated he is happy to see competition in Hip Hop, but he just wants to see it stay about music and not violence.

Cassidy also suggested he did not fully understand why Beanie Sigel got involved in the conflict.

“I never knew Meek and Beans to be [a] team. I could see if a n-gga went at Freeway, then you have Beans. The man went at Meek and you heard Beans. I was kind of confused,” stated Cassidy.

In addition, the 34-year-old Split Personality album creator called on his city to refrain from turning the Meek versus Game battle into a Philly versus Cali or East Coast versus West Coast beef.