Ceaser Emanuel Spiraling Into Deep Depression Over Dog Abuse Controversy

Ceaser Emanuel - black ink crew

Ceaser Emanuel is living in fear of his life after a video surfaced of him beating up his dog, which resulted in him being fired from VH1. Read more!

Ceaser Emanuel seems to be spiraling out of control after he was ensnared and a shocking scandal that resulted in him being fired from VH1.

The “Black Ink Crew” star was fired from his high-profile gig as a reality star earlier this week after a shocking video of him abusing a dog leaked on the internet.

Ceaser Emanuel can be seen picking up a metal folding chair and whacking the dog with it in an angry rage. To add insult to injury to the animal, he put the tiny pooch in its cage and rolled it down a hill.

Ceaser Emanuel explained himself and admitted he made a terrible mistake disciplining the animal after it attacked another one of his dogs.

“I’m not gonna make no excuses for myself,” he said. ‘I should’ve behaved better. But that’s not me with being cruel to animals or anything like that. I’m not that. What I did was a mistake, and that was just it.”

Cease said the video is in no way a reflection of his true spirit. However, the internet – and the police are not buying it.

According to Ceaser’s lawyer, the reality star is receiving death threats and sinking into a deep depression.

“Although his actions were not appropriate at all, [Ceasar] is sincerely apologetic and feels extremely bad. He is dealing with death threats which is causing him fear and depression. His only goal was to build an empire to help build jobs and bring the black community in the tattoo industry successful given that the community is limited there.”

To make matters more complicated for Ceaser Emanuel, it appears as though Fulton County Animal Services is looking into filing animal cruelty charges against the former open hole black ink crew” star.

Yesterday, Ceaser Emanuel apologized for his actions but claimed he was set up by a scorned ex-girlfriend who leaked the footage, which was shot during the pandemic, as revenge.