Celebrities React To The Killing Of Alton Sterling By Baton Rouge Cop


(AllHipHop News) The country is once again facing another high-profile killing of an African-American at the hands of a police officer. Footage of 37-year-old Alton Sterling being shot by a Baton Rouge, Louisiana cop is making its way around the internet, and the incident has become the #1 trending topic on Twitter.

Many people are upset because video shows a uniformed officer shooting Sterling as he was pinned to the ground. A voice can be heard saying, “He’s got a gun,” before the shots are fired.

Besides the video shot by a witness, there is also reportedly surveillance video from the convenience store and dash camera video from police vehicles. The officers were said to be wearing body cameras, but they supposedly fell off and did not capture the incident.

According to police officials, the cops were responding to a complaint about a man selling CDs threatening someone with a gun. However, Abdullah Muflahi, owner of the convenience store where Sterling was shot, reportedly stated he did not see any confrontation involving Sterling that evening.

“Just five minutes before,” said Muflahi. “He walked into the store getting something to drink, joking around, [and we were] calling each other names.” 

Two officers have been placed on administrative leave as an investigation into the situation is conducted.

Meanwhile, celebrities and activists have taken to Twitter to respond to the killing of Alton Sterling. Read some of the tweets below.