Chance the Rapper Says He Thinks About Signing With A Major “All The Time”


(AllHipHop News) Chance the Rapper sat down with Katie Couric for a lengthy discussion, and addressed a number of topics, covering his Grammy wins, his religious beliefs and his business structure.

Chance, who recently snagged three Grammy Awards at the 2017 ceremony, is an unconventional artist with no record label backing.

According to Chance, he started reinvesting the earnings from his merchandising business back into his overall career as a musician early on.

The sales of his hats, t-shirts and other products allowed him to focus on a different strategy for marketing and distributing his music, and himself.

“I have a very successful merchandise business. I sell merchandise online at,” Chance explained. “That’s my main revenue. And then also you can buy tickets to any of my shows on And, you know, I think reinvesting in myself and being faithful to my consumers and to God I’m always covered.”

Chance admitted that running his music career was very demanding, especially after his high-profile Grammy wins.

He recently signed up with CAA to help represent him in various aspects of his career, but he’s adamant on remaining independent with his music.

But Chance admitted he often toys with the idea of signing with a major label, to help offset some of the workload.
“I get to choose how much my music costs. I get to choose when my music gets released. I choose when I go on tour, who I work with, what movies I work with,” Chance said. “But do I, like, sometimes think, like ‘Dang, this would be way easier if I, you know, had a machine behind me?’ Yeah, I think about it all the time.'”