Chance the Rapper And Common Honored With South-Side Chicago Murals


(AllHipHop News) Over the course of their career, both Common and Chance the rapper have been active in the South Chicago community finding various ways to give back

This past Winter Chance the Rapper raised $100,000 for the homeless, while Common has been instrumental in funding youth development programs.

Recently the two were honored in their native South Chicago neighborhoods with murals depicting caricatures of the two rappers.

According to the Columbia Chronicle, the “new murals at the northeast corner of 79th and Evans streets in Chatham display the two iconic Chicago rappers as part of a new community art project to dress up the South Side neighborhood.”

The new public arts project called, “Chatham 2.0,” is being spearheaded by Chris Devins.

“I’m looking to counter the constant negative imagery put out by the corporate media,” Devins explained.

Devins started his mural in April last year when First InSite Realty commissioned him to create art that supports a positive outlook for the community.

Check out the images below courtesy of Eiran Feldman who is principal of First InSite Realty.

“The perception outside of the community—and even within the community—is that nothing good is going on,” Feldman said. “What we wanted to do was put these images out there of role models from the community who have gone outside the community to do good things.”