Chance the Rapper Explains How Buying A House Helped Save His Marriage

Chance the Rapper and Kirsten Corley

Chance the Rapper explains how the pandemic forced him to buy a new house for his growing family since he has a wife and two kids.

Chance the Rapper snapped up his first home during the COVID pandemic to save his marriage.

The rap star, his wife Kirsten Corley, and their kids had been bouncing from apartment to apartment, but when they had to isolate together during the 2020 lockdown, he realized it was time to get a bigger place.

“Me and my girl, we basically went apartment to apartment – probably, like, six different apartments – and then we had two kids and the pandemic happened and we just could not make it in our marriage if we had stayed in that apartment,” he told comedians Desus & Mero.

“I got the message from her after a while. She was kinda, like, hinting at like, ‘This s### is too small…!’ And I realized we wanted a backyard.

“Also, we were living in Downtown Chicago by a bunch of hotels, so, like, you’re seeing random people all the time. Now there’s nobody out there. Where we live, it’s just quiet all the time, there’s trees and s###.”

But Chance admits his first few days in his new place were “super-scary” because the floorboards of his house creak at night.

“There’s no, like, doorman downstairs, who you can call,” he adds. “You just gotta go check on that s**t. You gotta go and see what’s happening, and I hate that every time. What if there is somebody down there?”