Chance The Rapper Sits Down For An Interview With Katie Couric, Plans To Meet With Illinois Governor (VIDEO)


(AllHipHop News) Katie Couric is probably not the first name that comes to mind when thinking about Hip Hop journalists, but the veteran media figure was responsible for one of the most famous Lil Wayne interviews.

Miss Katie recently added another Grammy-winning rhymer to her list of Q&A subjects.

She spoke with Chance The Rapper for Yahoo News.

The Chicago native discussed his ESPYs tribute to Muhammad Ali, performing at the White House, not signing to a major label, the birth of his daughter, battling a Xanax addiction, his relationship with his father, the violence in his hometown, and more.

“What is going on is bogus. I think as individual acts, it’s terrifying and also sad,” said Chance about the shootings in Chicago. “Our school system has been underfunded for the past two years. We have some of the strictest gun laws as a state, but there’s a lot of illegal gun trafficking coming from all the states that surround us.”

Chance is also set to link up with Illinois Governor Bruce Rauner this week.

“I’m meeting privately with the governor Wednesday. The two of us will address funding education in Chicago. I’m eager to hear his ideas,” wrote the “Summer Friends” performer on Twitter.

Gov. Rauner replied, “Looking forward to hearing your ideas, too.”

Budget cuts could force the Chicago Public Schools to end their 2016-2017 school year 13 days early unless the state provides more funding.

“It would be dope if all of the politicians on the left and right could approve a temporary budget that could fund after-school programs at the schools,” Chance told Couric.