Chanel West Coast Has A Temper Tantrum With Police Over Canceled Pool Party

The cops showed up to Chanel West Coast’s pool party and caused the TV host had a meltdown when they wanted to cancel it.

(AllHipHop News) Imagine if Cardi B … No … Remy Ma … having a party with over 100 revelers during the coronavirus pandemic in a city that just started to see a decline because of mandate social distancing.

And then cops showed up … and either one of them barked slick to the “Po Po” … the same lineage of “Po Po” that inspired the 1988 hit song, “F##k the Police” by N.W.A … it probably would not have ended so well.

We know it would not have, because there is a litany of names of Black and Brown skinned people that we can name to substantiate that statement.

So imagine the surprise the Hip-Hop world, one currently entrenched in calling out the police for their common practice of inequity of race relations, when videos started to surface with Chanel West Coast “berating” officers who were called, according to TMZ, by 11 neighbors for having an unruly pool party.

The splash bash, if pictures serve as evidence, shows that she was in violation of LA’s Mayor Eric Garcetti’s assigned COVID-19 protocols.

A video went viral of the “Sharon Stoned” rapper lambasting officers who interrupted her 32nd birthday party.

Reports say that there were between 100 to 200 people there and that party lasted from the late afternoon well into the night. The police emerged around 10 pm.

She not only snapped on them but told them to go up the way to another party that had more people in attendance. Then, she criticized them for not doing their job, claiming that her teenage boyfriend, possibly from a decade ago, was murdered and his case remains unsolved.

Nope… before you say it … she did not mention the 29-year-old man, Dijon Kizzee, who was shot 20 times and killed in South Central Los Angeles by sheriff’s deputies in South Los Angeles last week near Budlong Avenue and 109th Place.

Studies have proven that the size of the gatherings (at least in southern California) doesn’t matter as much when it comes to spreading the virus.

The Los Angeles Times reports, “While much attention has been focused on large parties teeming with young, potential ‘superspreaders’ in places such as the Hollywood Hills, experts say small gatherings among friends and family can quietly be just as dangerous.”

Even if that is the case, Chanel West Coast’s skin color and gender privilege allowed her to behave in a manner that no other Black female rappers could ever, ask Megan Thee Stallion, who refused to say SHE was shot in the foot, because she thought the cops my kill her and the people she was with.