Charlamagne Tha God Blasts Lakeith Stanfield For Calling ‘The Breakfast Club’ Anti-Black

“It sounds like you may still be in the Sunken Place.”

(AllHipHop News) For the second time in two weeks, a Black celebrity is catching backlash for comments about Black media outlets. Hip Hop artist Nicki Minaj ended up deleting a tweet that elevated “white ppl” over “the blacks,” and now Lakeith Stanfield is in the crosshairs for an Instagram post.

Stanfield specifically berated The Shade Room, Lipstick Alley, Worldstar, and The Breakfast Club. The star of Atlanta, Sorry to Bother You, and Get Out further explained his grievances in the IG post’s caption.

He wrote:

It’s a fact that a lot of these platforms are usually or tend to be feeding grounds for negative reinforcement toward BLACK “nonconformists”. They bolster faux vanity and hold a white supremacists scope over black men and women often highlighting negative attributes and downplaying mind expanding ones. They serve as bottomless coward consumption pits and digital, audio, or otherwise slave mentatilty museums. @ all you want

The Breakfast Club co-host Charlamagne Tha God took issue with Stanfield’s statement. CTG used his “Donkey of the Day” segment on Thursday to blast the 28-year-old actor.

“You can say any and everything about me. I’ve damn near heard it all about myself online. But what you won’t do is ever fix your lips to call one of my platforms, especially The Breakfast Club, anti-Black,” said Charlamagne.

He added, “I’m not going to sit here and act like we’ve gotten it right all the time, because we haven’t. We’ve made plenty of mistakes on this radio… All that critique is fine. But, Lakeith Stanfield, don’t you ever fix your raggedy-a## mouth to call the author of Black Privilege – because I truly believe it is a privilege to be Black – anti-Black.”

Charlamagne then suggested Stanfield did not call out any white media platforms because he feared retribution from Hollywood insiders and executives. The Power 105.1 personality also claimed Stanfield ignores Black correspondents when walking red carpets in order to speak with outlets such as E! and People.

Additionally, CTG brought up Stanfield apologizing for rapping gay slurs on Instagram in 2018. The Brilliant Idiots podcaster also played a sound bite from an old Breakfast Club interview where Lakeith joked about being sexually attracted to dogs and another clip where he apparently sniffed his own bare feet during a press junket with a Caucasian reporter.

“I don’t know what got into you yesterday, king. But watch your mouth, when it comes to calling a Black man like me anti-Black,” declared the outspoken South Carolina native.

Charlamagne Tha God concluded by saying, “This came from a place of love. Two takeaways I want to leave you with: One, be the change you want to see in media and stop acting like a damn buffoon in all your interviews. And two, don’t burn those Black bridges just because White folks in Hollywood sent you a boat, because history shows us what happens when White folks put Black folks on a boat.”