Charlamagne Tha God: Nas’ “Ether” Was Corny (VIDEO)


(AllHipHop News) Radio personality Charlamagne Tha God is known for expressing his opinions no matter how much they may differ from the general consensus. An example of that variation from popular thought is his views on Nas’ classic song “Ether.”

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Many Hip Hop fans and historians view the Stillmatic cut as the better diss track between the “Ether”/”Takeover” battle, and some people even refer to it as the greatest diss track of all time. According to Charlamagne, “Takeover” wins for him, because he feels Jay Z included true accounts in his song while Nas just used gay and camel jokes.

“Ether was a good record, don’t get me wrong, but it’s angry as f**k. He sounded so emotional, and it’s elementary bulls*t,” expressed Charlamagne during his Brilliant Idiots podcast with Andrew Schulz. “It’s the oldest jokes you use on somebody – being gay, having AIDS. It’s just corny to me. Jay Z’s ‘Takeover’ was actually facts.”

C Tha God is not the only high-profile person in the Hip Hop community that felt Jay was the victor in the lyrical match-up. Last year TDE emcee Schoolboy Q shared he believes the Roc Nation rapper won that round as well.

“Honestly, I think Jay Z won,” said Schoolboy. “I mean Nas is my favorite rapper, but Jay Z, he was pretty scandalous.”

While others are still debating the 2001 battle, Nas recently revealed that he has no interest to reflect back on those times when he and Jigga were going at it. He claims he does not even listen to “Ether” anymore, because the two New York legends have moved on from their issues.

“It’s just old,” Nas told Angie Martinez in a recent interview.

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Watch Charlamagne Tha God and Andrew Schulz discuss “Ether” versus “Takeover” in the video below.


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190 thoughts on “Charlamagne Tha God: Nas’ “Ether” Was Corny (VIDEO)”

  1. Jay z didn’t think ether was corny…”but i will not lose for even in defeat is a valuable lesson learned so it evens it up for me”. Niggas love revisionist history. Takeover was not all that factual. Only thing he referred to that was facts was the Shit about carmen and the dead presidents publishing. “You made it a hot line i made it a hot song” the world is yours was already a classic song. Nobody respects Charlemagnes opinion anyway.

      1. One rockafeller was gay on the low One. Two. Queens niggas run you niggas ask Russell Simmons two. Em murdered you on your own shit. Three. Let it go cousin

    1. WhatYouNeedtoHear

      Thats a hot album every 10 year average FACTS. You cornball. Jay didnt really think he lost. He’s a slave to the masses too so he just fell in line to let it all blow over.

      1. “Thats a hot album every 10 year average FACTS”

        HOW SWAY?

        Illmatic > RD
        IWW > VOL 1
        IAM > Vol 2
        NASTRADMUS > VOL 3

        Nas was killing Jay on every level artistically and lyrically.
        For Jay to be the King …. NAS had to go….

        Ur trying to rewrite history bruh///

    2. * MC Serch said that was bull.
      There was no SERCHLIGHT PUBLISHING when illmatic was out.
      Nas owns his part of catalog through Sony….

      Carmen was the only real thing about Takeover.

      1 hot album every ten year? Every album Nas put out at that point was lyrically better than Hov.

      Hov already admitted he was a Nas stan.

      1. Yes, Jay did say that. Also, the beef really started cuz Nas and AZ aint show up to the session for the Reasonable Doubt album.. And that’s not the only album Jay tried to get Nas on. Never heard of Nas wanting Jay on any of his albums. Y’all are arguing that a stan Ethered Nas. Wow, y’all are lost.

      2. Yeah that one hot album every ten year average was the most bs line in the song…and didn’t illmatic come out in 94 meaning at the time it had been only seven years and not ten? Niggas saying iww is better than illmatic these days and i am was no slouch either. Vol 2 vol 3 and dynasty were mediocre…don’t get me wrong he had some Shit on those albums but less than half of it was good.

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  4. Dam! finally after all the barbershop battles I had about this……..Jay shit was better and it was true.
    I like nas but come on!!! many of biggy ryms gonna come out your fat lips……Cornyyyyyyyyyy

    1. Listen if you believe that bullshit Words don’t lie. Nas whole joint was better and jay did two joints the super ugly was worst cmon jay got stacks but please spare me with takeover was better than ether never. His own people know he loss. Even the r&b brothers was going at nas for eating the ceo whole ass apart and I respect jay cause when nas won Budweiser came to him first and he turned it down and jay took it and ran with it. That’s skills to take a loss and still win. Baby baby. Lol and UL your a loyal cat and I dig that but mr nasir is a poet. Like KRSONE RAKIM KOOL G RAP MOST DEF COMMON BLACKPREZ see records sells don’t make your art. You make your art and NAS is a cat who see it different than JAY Z not saying jay is trash just different but lyrics don’t lie and cash isn’t the only way you judge a mc a rapper maybe but not an mc brother. Peace and blessing to you thanks for the love cousin

      1. Your nas fan its all good lol lets just agree to disagree……I’m sorry but jay shit was real!!! nas shit was made up, plus the first track that nas made to go at jay… everybody in the studio that day told nas it was garbage so he did it over and made up some corny shit period. nas is a Legend I have nothing but respect for that dude but bottom line dudes hate jay so it is what it is……..not to mention he destroyed nas & mobb deep in the same song! I’m done like who you like.

      2. If your talking about the first Ether song, Jungle told Nas’ to change the lyrics or someone was gonna get killed. True story. Nas’ destroyed the whole Roc with one freestyle:

        Rip the FREEWAY/
        Shoot thru MEMPHIS wit money bags/
        Stop in Philly order cheese steaks and eat BEANS fast/
        After that bring it back to the fake king of NY you show off I count stacks
        while you sample my voice I rule you/
        Before you use to rap like the Fu Shnickens, Nas’ designed
        the Blueprint/ Who you kiddin?

        Please, knock it off……….

        Ether>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Every other diss song ever. Ask the teacher, KRS 1. Even Jaz O said Nas shit wasn’t made up and some of the ROC camp, including Damn Dash a while ago said Ether hurt Jay’s pride for a while. Cuz if you notice he wasn’t rappin’ the same after that.

      3. Everyone in the studio said it was trash ..cause you were there right ?
        hate when corny niggas like UL lie instead of just measure the lyrics of both lool

  5. This dude trippin. In no way shape or form was Ether corny. Nas smashed Jay z. J’s reply was so weak. True he clowned Nas about his chick but Nas killed Jay hands down. You’re either a Jay z fan and don’t want to admit it or I don’t know what song you listened to. The whole intro and vibe of the song and the references he was dropping made them all look lame. Nas smashed the whole Roc with that one song.

    1. Nas Ether wasn’t just jokes, that’s where this ignoramus is wrong. It was a personal diss while also stating hard facts like the Eminem line. Only a few people can really pull that kind of diss off and make it sound good..

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      1. I don’t think it was $2mill but I heard after Steve Stoute consulted and went into business with Jay, him and Nas agreed they will never perform Take over or Ether. Steve Stoute had something to do with that. As far as the money part i have no knowledge of that.

  7. This guy has always been a weirdo. He has the preferences in hip hip of a ditzy girl. Nas crushing Jay hurt a lot of people. People like Charlamagne Da God was sweating Jay Z because they respect is level of commercial success, so when they found out he was going at Nas they were looking at Jay Z’s commercial track record. They love that Jay had tons of hit records and sold a bunch of records as to Nas wasnt operating at the same level. But what they dont have an ear for is the craft of rapping. Rapping is an actual measurable skill like playing basketball or performing surgery. You can have a preference or liking but that doesnt change the true act of the craft. One of my favorite rappers is Eazy E I dont really care for Fabolous but I know Fab would rap circles around Eazy…. easy.
    You can actually use the Nas vs AJy beef as a test of a rappers skills. Anybody with real skills in rapping knew Nas would kill Jay Z in a battle. If you thought Jay had a chance you probably havent reached that level where you understand what goes in to a rhymes. I am sure if Charlamagne tried to rap he would be trash.

    1. Facts….talk that shit son !! …niggas be jizzin over Hov cause of sales and the quality of his production ..if you went back in time and put Ether over Takeover ? niggas would suck mad dick for Nas lool I hate when people do that ..people did that same shit when Kendrick called out rappers as if he was gonna take them on

  8. Both classics albums – but here is why Stillmatic > Blueprint IMO

    [Verse 1: Nas]
    ‘Ay yo, the brother’s “Stillmatic”
    I crawled up out of that grave, wipin the dirt, cleanin my shirt
    They thought I’d make another “Illmatic”
    But it’s always forward I’m movin
    Never backwards stupid here’s another classic
    C-notes is fallin from the sky, by now the credits roll
    They’re starrin Nas, executive poet, produced directed by
    The Kid slash Escobar; narration describes
    The lives of lost tribes in the ghetto tryin to survive

    1. Takeover = REAL, 95% truthful + concise & clear; Ether = butt-hurt, emotional, 2% factual + mostly opinion = obvious who won battle + Jay-Z NEVER worked for Nas! Can Nas say that?! = #exactly

      1. Check every Jay album for the Nas reference….

        every single album he mentions who???Thats right…. the Godson…..
        I love them both – they both for different reasons.
        Jay for Business. Nas for consciousness.
        But dont try to revise history.

        Esco BODIED HOV – better lyricism better structure, better argument….

        “you seem to be only concerned with dissing women?”

      2. Over 300 Nas songs… maybe 2 or 3 are disrespectful to women.
        At the time in 2001- Jay spent 3 albums selling out and making chick records….

        Jay went superficial, “money cash hoes”… bitches this bitches that… Nas had been dropping knowledge on politics, Africa etc even on NASTRADMUS…. “hate me now” …. is followed by “some of us have angels”….

        Its like Mook vs Lux but in Jay vs Nas…. Lux won..


        I bet he’s going over Nas Lyrics with a fine tooth comb trying to find that, LOL! I’m struggling trying to find one. LOL!

      4. Nas never worked for Jay either. Jay said himself it was “a partnership, you can’t sign an artist like Nas.”. His exact words. I think a lot of you just be bored and want to argue without any facts. Plus Nas got 10 mil for 3 albums. That was like saying “I’m sorry, you won, here…..”

      5. Ether was very factual my dude, so please don’t believe the hype from these fruity industry folks. He really was getting chased around – no jokes. Jay-Z sister was a crackhead in Farragut projects 233 Sands street. I remember he was fuking this chic in the hood and would come through with the white GS300, before his video had dropped, dudes had to escort him out because he was shook. Ask me if I’m trying to kick knowledge, Nah. I’m trying to kick the shit you need to learn though……..

  9. When someone gets destroyed you never say “he got take overed” you say “he got ethered”. This man created a whole new word for destroying someone. Even the Roc artists say it was the saddest day at the rock when Ether dropped. Dame took a week long vacation after it. As for Charlamagne, isnt that the kettle calling the pot round and hot? This dude lets people come to his job, and straight punk him on air and television. At his job? who gets beat up in front of their job and then punked on the air? Corny is Wendy Williams being this dudes O.G. Kinda sick of people who dont have anything to do with hip hop criticizing people who have everything to do with hip hop. And Jay Z got this dude fired, and hes still on his nuts.

    1. Quote: “And Jay Z got this dude fired”


      I was going to bring that fact up.

      And I believe that’s the reason he’s on Jay’s nut because he knows first hand what Jay can do to him, so he’d rather be in his good grace.

      He’s never going to repeat the mistake he made where he gave a platform to Beanie Sigel to air Jay out, never.

  10. After ether dropped the roc got dis mantled and to me an artist and if anyone knows true artist they have a tuf time at being a business man because there focused on there next piece not how much money it’s going to make but what impact it will have on the people that view it. As time progressed jays lyrics got less complex in my opinion he did just enough to sell records he formulated his style to be lyrical but not too lryical so that everyone could understand

  11. Inmadopicouroz✓QUEENSᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

    CharlamAINE really off on this one. First he said anaconda was corny, AGREED but it get them girls clapping but Ether Corny? LMAO he put nails in Jay’s coffin. First and only time.

  12. how was what Jay said in takeover “facts”? Newsflash: just because jay presented what he said as if they were facts doesn’t mean they were. the “1 hot album every ten year average”? That’s totally subjective…a lot of people, myself included, think “it was written” was a great album. That fucks up jay’s little “fact” right there

    1. If 3 people in 20 think something is great ≠ It’s great.
      There’s people out there that will tell you Iggy Izalea is a great rapper…. does that make it true? …not to say “It Was Written” = Iggy Izalea …. just making a point

      1. you’re just further proving the same point I was trying to make…whether or not someone likes an album is someone’s opinion, so to say what Jay was claiming on Takeover (nas having a one hot album every ten year average) can’t be a fact, no matter what, its opinion. so to argue that takeover is a better track because it has more “facts” is stupid and makes no sense

      2. it was written was dope…I met nas briefly when he performed here for the it was written tour and I got a call to bring him some party supplies….random true story..thanks fo listening

  13. Nas is a better rapper than Jay-Z. This charlamagne has the American mindset where whoever has the most money has to be the best at something. Jay-Z didn’t make a diss song because he couldn’t top Nas’s.

      1. Super Ugly was trash. That was a half-hearted rushed response because he didn’t know Nas was gonna come back that hard.

    1. He does it because he knows that being on Jay’s good side can help him in the business. Nas cant, and probably wont do anything for Charlamagne. So its a typical coon strategy he is using to gain favor from the right people.

  14. Ether was far more entertaining than Takeover. Nas would not have been able to make Ether as lethal as it was had Jay not put out The Takeover first. Now, from a factual standpoint Takeover shits all over Ether any day of the week. At the end of the day, those 2 songs will go down as top 5 diss records of all time. Who won? Depends on who you ask and what day of the week it is. I still feel it’s To Be Cont.

      1. Fact of the matter is jay z got mopped up so bad and easily by Nas he made like 3 or 4 reply/diss tracks to the one hitter quitter known as “ETHER”!!!!! I mean it was another album later and he’s still replying back on blueprint 2, HA!!! And jay z groupies are still CLEARLY sick about it, LMFAO!!!!!

    1. Sorry but the people spoke. They had polls on radio stations and Nas won by a land slide. Ask Flex and Angie Martinez, two Jay Z dickriders who won. NYC said Nas won and Jay was supposed to be the king of NY? C’mon dude!!

      1. Say what you want my dude. Both tracks were on point in their own way. I don’t care how many polls they had or who said what. I’m sure I can find just as many people who feel Takeover won over Ether. It is what it is.

      2. Niccas who voted ain’t rappers.. Takeover was an overall better song, overall better lyrics, overall more facts.. Ether had a knockin beat and was angry.. So yea it was close but niccas that don’t actually rap is gonna go with the beat and the energy. So if you cut out all the niccas that don’t know shyt and just ask niccas who can actually rap or know about it shyt will much more even.

  15. I agree with Charlamagne…. I said the same thing when I first heard Ether in 01. It’s dope but can’t touch takeover cause Nas was emotional and mad. Jay Z sound laid back and just tossin darts, which is something you’re use to from Nas.

    1. You’re kidding Illa …are you serious ? Nas got emotional ? LooL Jay’s whole meaning for staring this shit was cause of his “meager” emotion’s ..In addition ..the nigga Jay “cried” on the Radio lool I remember that shit like it was the other day …In class at August Martin

    2. Justin is right at hot 97 even when. Jay lover Angie said ether was better. He cried dude. Please stop jay took the loss and super ugly was straight trash. Don’t metion that jay should had kept that

  16. Well Jay did sign Nas to Def Jam while he was the President in 2005 or 06 time frame.. The Takeover. lol. this is funny.. Feelings will be caught because you can’t dispute the facts. Oh well…

      1. Not clever but funny. Only ho’s do Tea Bo, son. You hear of dudes doing mixed martial arts and boxing. Not Tae Bo. #FACTS

  17. Both joints were hot but “No Vaseline” is the best dis record ever. Ice Cube went FULL IN on NWA with straight up truth and fire, the never responded, then broke up, and issues with Cube never rose again from Dre, Eazy, orRen.

      1. True…. but Ether wins because of the impact and the replay value.

        I mean it still sounds just as hard today… im off to youtube

      2. “The Bitch In Yoo” hands down. Even Common performed the track in LA at the House of Blues.

    1. Now you putting two songs against Ether. You dude’s kill me. What’s even more interesting when you know you won, you sit back and bask in your victory (Nas), when you know you lost you try and keep fighting (Jay Z). Nas didn’t even have to respond after Ether.

      1. Those two songs are about the same number of verses look it up Ether was like 3.5 verses.. Super Ugly 2, Takeover was 1…

  18. Beanie Sigel’s take on Jay’s response to ‘Ether’ is classic. Anyone interested can google it. That should tell you if the man himself (Jay) thought it was corny or not.

  19. Fans are the most fickle easy to be swayed mufuckas on the planet. If Charlamane wouldn’t have said this everybody still would’ve been saying ether was the shit.

  20. “Jay was, according Beanie Sigel, stumbled by Ether. He couldn’t come up with a response. According to Irv Gotti, Jay was depressed becuase people were shouting out “fukk JAY-Z!” At him as SOON as Ether dropped. Again, Jay wasn’t ready for REAL WAR. It was Irv who lit the fire under Jay to record Super ugly as fast as possible to have a response out there to attempt to stem the tide in Nas’s favor.”

    And that’s a quote.

    1. Super Ugly was a hell of a response… And then the unreleased joint..

      Must I dust this fucc Nas the fucc off the continent/ will be content/ does this tough guy think that he’s Pac/ cuz of the tattoos he got or the videos he shot/ aw fucc naw what lies ahead is your past/ your whole entire life I’ll rewind with one shotgun blast/ send you back to your essence for gettin fresh with ya father really/ shoulda got hova son across ya belly/ now tell me have I lost already?/ your whole crew can hate me now I got yall crosses ready/….

      Don’t sleep like Jay don’t got bars for that ass.. He’s on cruise control now drops a cool verse every once in a while but he was beastin back then..

      1. Dont forget Star Wars…

        Like I was brought up off that Planet Rock
        Kurtis Blow, James Todd Smith, Shan and Scott LaRock in the jams
        Why would they fu*k with a don, Jehovah witness
        Him and his co-defendants, I eat ’em like Lucky Charms
        With two percent low fat milk, five percent pro black built
        It’s nothin mother had a motherfu*ker
        I don’t think about it niggas talkin there’s a lot of gossip
        That I’m a prophet or I can’t go back to my projects
        Can I? Does a plant grow from a pot yes
        Do trees grow from a forest MC’s y’all are clitoris

        If you bringing up extra records…. Stars Wars was made 2002….

  21. “The Hot 97 poll was actually MUCH more in Nas’s favor according to Fat Joe, who was there at Hot 97 the day the poll was going on, he claims that Angie was screening calls in Jay’s favor so that it wouldn’t be lopsided. Take that as you will…”

    Another quote. I quit………

  22. Ether was a critique of Jay Z’s character – nas broke him down psychologically and made it simple for even the dumbest rap fan to comprehend – Ether was cold blooded – The bad thing for Nas is the only way these lame fans of hip hop will ever consider him as Great is he has to become the richest , get killed , or be white — That’s the only way it seems like you r considered the greatest in modern hip hop ,

  23. I usually agree with Char but not on this one homie. lyrically this shit aint even a contest. what did jay do about 10-16 bars on nas? this nigga nas did a WHOLE SONG and MURKED every verse.

    1. That’s why he lost.. Jay went wayyyyyyyyyyyy deeper.. Cockafella? Gay-Z? Camel face…. Alright I get it you were pissed but come on this is Nas we talkin about he’s so much better..

      Best battle ever is Jada vs Beans tho..

      1. Jay-Z said he knows Taebo! Factz! Went for dolo in his manuscript, Shit sound stupid when…… You fill in the blanks buddy. Ether was all facts, please don’t get sidetracked by the little camel references. Ur boy got bodied. Jay-Z sounded like he was going to cry. Boy was real emotional on those response tracks he put out after Ether, in fact Jay-Z changed his whole flow, and song concepts after Ether. Factz! Nas completely finished him on Last Real Ni $$@ Alive that’s official. I think Nas choked him out with the eye for an eye freestyle too.

  24. Is he Dame Diddy, Dame Daddy or Dame Dummy?
    Oh, I get it, you Biggie and he’s Puffy

    This line hurt Jay… and got him going solo. Biggie was an employee to Puffy. Jay was a part owner but everyone thought Dame was the smart business one….

  25. Ether was an attack on Jay’s personal character. It exposed the bitch in Jay that his great successes hid. Things the public wasnt aware of. Hence its alleged ”Lack of Facts”
    The Takeover was Jay trying to win the fans over, at a time when Nas was borderline falling into obscurity. (cowardly)
    Ether was an underdog, personally attacking Jay’s spirit.
    Listen to Jay’s ‘After Ether’ Hot 97 interview. Then listen to Nas’, THEN tell me who won.

    1. Jay won. Bar for bar.. One verse against 3.5.. Maybe on some NY shyt Ether had the streets more hype.. But I’m a Cali dude.. From an emcee standpoint bar for bar Jay got him, hands down period.. Takeover went first too.. Canibus already called LL out for lacin vocals after the initial track in the response…

      Love Nas though he’s a real one.. Dude chopped it up with me for a sec in Vegas one time..

    2. Jay-Z really did hang with little Chase, dudes in Fort Greene was bugging over how did Nas know that Jay- Z hung out with Little Chase. Factz!! He really did get chased to his building. Factz. Jay-Z was an underling fo them thugs in his hood. Nas spit some shit that only people from the area wou understand because this was local truth. Rock a fella records had a great PR team for damage control disputing Nas darts, but what he said was truly facts.

      1. Jaz O fed Nas a lot of those unknowns you made mention of and that really irked the fuvk outta Jay…one of the reasons he’ll never ride with Jaz ever again.

  26. [Nas]
    I scream at the mirror, curse, askin God, “Why me?”
    Run in the black church, gun in my hand, y’all try me
    I’m God-son, son of man, son of Marcus Garvey
    Rastafari irie, Ha-ile Selassie
    Police’ll try to break us, but the streets raised us
    It takes more than metal bars, we destined for ours – Nas, Let my Niggas Live

    Sorry Hov….. I’m in that Nas youtube section right now.


    1. I hear murder plans from dope fiends with elephant hands
      snots in they nostrils the blocks is hostile..
      bird ish drops on the window pane the oxygen is cocaine
      it drove lots of men to die with no name….
      WHAT! WHOA!!! Sickwitit.

  27. This fat guy Charlamagne Tha God always given his opinions that are always wrong. His opinion does not even matter with his lame a$$ career. Nas killed Jay on this shit…Ether stands alone period!!!

  28. Here we go again. Its funny how Negras hate Hov so much they act like dude cant spit and pretend as if Takeover wasn’t a colossal diss track. Dude straight DESTROYED Prodigy’s career and at the same time revitalized Nas career which was basically on life support at the time. The hot97 contest wasn’t between Takeover and Ether. It was between Superugly (rushed) and Ether. Takeover and Ether are neck and neck.








    1. theres nothing else to report on. Hiphop is wack as hell. Battle Rap is the new interest. pretty soon Daylyt will introduce the death of it..Hes dope lyrically.. but hes yung thugging it up..and making a joke out of it. But yeah… Jay Electronica is the only one who im checking for. HipHop is ran by MACKLEMORE= weaksauce extra sweet

  30. The greatest diss record of all time.

    1. Ether

    The greatest rap album of all time.


    The greatest lyricist of all time

    1. Nas

    Example: We can drive thru the city no doubt but don’t say, “My car’s topless”
    Say, “The titties is out”

    Nas the G.O.A.T = People’s Champ

      1. Well give us yours homies!’FlowFlow is right on the money. You can’t put no other rapper in that type of order in their music.

      2. I agree that Nas is the greatest lyricist of all time but, Pac’s “Hit ‘Em Up” is the greatest diss record of all time tho. Shit, up to this point, it’s the most disrespectful joint of all time. Now, as far as “Illmactic” goes, it wasn’t even the best lp to come out in ’94. Hell, it’s not even the best lp in his catalog. I may be in the minority but, “IWW” is the better lp. And for some reason it gets ova looked. I respect ur opinion tho.

      3. Nice, but illmatic made rappers become lyricists. Pac was a rapper. Word play were no where near Nas’s. Nas just have that flow even when his beats are not that good. You can listen to his lyrics and make you think or try to figure out. It is amazing! No knock on Pac, because he is my boy too as well as Biggie. Dudes are notorious on the MIC!

      4. Whoa, I had to stop reading ur comment after ur 1st 2 sentences. How old r bruh? If u believe that Nas is the reason cats r lyrical, u’re buggin’. And Pac is not just a rapper, he’s actually more influential than Nas. Before both of them cats u had Rakim, Kane, Rick, KRS, and that’s just a few cats who paved the way.

      5. I’ll help flow flow on this one. Go back and cop those albums by the greats you mention. I have them. Those rhymes on those albums are no where near Nas lyrically. You and I can put together those creative writing rhymes on a record, but Nas you can’t! Shit is too complex. Dude just studied rhyming and flow like he invented the shit. And… On the PAC thing he was not talking about influences just rapping and style. We all know PAC was more influential. Rakim was the shit but Nas master that shit homie. Good look and opinion though…

      6. I feel u bruh, Nas is that dude. He’s my favorite rapper alive. The longevity and catalog r incredible. Lyrically, Nas’ Illmatic was the best lp to drop in ’94 but, it wasn’t the best tho. I’ll throw “Ready 2 Die”, Outkast’s 1st joint, “Diary”, and “Regulate” as lp’s that dropped that yr that were better imo. I was a little late on Illmatic, I went back after being hypnotized by “IWW” and “I Am”. Props and respect to both u and flow flow.

      7. Actually your very wrong the media made PAC that so he not more lyrically than nas. Are you crazy but I still see you a heat fan so at least your loyal but not smart for those comments really

      8. I think that u misread my comment. I never said that Pac was more lyrical than Nas. I said that he was more influential. And that’s a fact my friend. Ask urself this, post Pac and Big era, who’s more emulated?

        As yes, HEAT ALL DAY!!! 305 before Lebron and it’s still 305 after.

      9. Well actually the best diss record is bitch in you by common going at ice cube but ether was crazy better than takeover really

      10. Stop it. W/ all due respect to Common, that record wasn’t even in the same ball park as Hit ’em up.

  31. There was a version of Ether that Columbia records forced Nas to change. There were claims that is was twice as harsh as the one we know. This is only some of what I can find.

    So you call yourself god mc… J-hova
    drunk the glass of blasphemy & forgot to pray over
    your games over crossed the warpath of a brave soldier
    you`re a makeover my protege trying to takeover
    I was the shepherd that led you But you bit the hand that fed you
    mad cause since I met you i never did respect you and as hard as it seems you know that I fathered your dreams
    you was a groupie always begging to be part of my team
    another case of a boy and his teacher
    I was the first to poison your speakers
    so kill all that noise that your preaching
    I understand all your plans to underhand
    aired threats of you pullin my card next summerjam
    let me make this clear hova You had my left overs
    she told me your little problem of the day when you slept over
    but that`s another subject homey ***** you phony
    I`m coming to collect the debt from the years that you owe me
    so what you capitalized… only cause i allowed
    I`m taking aim at your dome and reclaiming my throne
    “Who said I that i aint still nasty”

    Verse 2:

    How you planned on facing the half man half-amazing
    Don`t need a fam, Nas is a one man invasion
    claim you hot but you flopped with your roc-familia cause real recognize real and you`re not familiar
    call yourself gangsta but you were begging for pardon
    that night in carbon when terror squad flipped on your squadron
    Tried to front on their checks till pun put a gun to your chest
    You said it yourself dog, Nas is one of the best
    Don`t need to search for some dirt to expose you
    I leave it up to the flow dispose you when i oppose you
    This is it I`m calling ya come out and play like “warriors”
    studied my blueprint then pieced together your formula
    Guess the knowledge I speak too deep to follow
    that`s why your stomach to weak to swallow The real truth
    that Nas is the greates of all timers
    f*** skeletons, keep only weaponry in my closets

    1. You are stupid! Is anyone to this very day say takeover anything or anybody! All I hear is the word Ether to this very day! Dude Ether killed Jays’s shit. Why you think people still want to hear that shit this very day! Ether was that shit homie!

      1. So my opinion makes me stupid? The takeover beat was sick and he was spittin facts. Nas’s beat sounded like a fairy tale and he was spitting elementary bars . that doesnt take anything away from his catalog though. And the reason why ppl keep saying “ether” is cuz they like the WORD and probably didn’t even know what it meant before that.

      2. Sorry for calling you stupid but you are dumb! How do you know they are facts? Get out of Jay’s lips man, they are no good for you! In rapping who in th hell cares about beats! We are talking lyrical game homie. Ether was impactful because it laid down the foundation of real hip hop disses lyrically! Do you get it? When ether dropped my dude NY stopped and I remember so vividly in NY at the barbershop. Dudes ran out the f streets started bumping that shit! It was slow and dragging lyrical rap that make you think about his story of Jay and Rocafella Records. He was describing the word ether and how it will burn slow for years to come. Is he right? We are still talking about this shit dude! Learn my brother, learn.

      3. Not gonna get into a name calling match with u lol. In MY OPINION I thought jay z ‘s diss was better. Now go hang out at a sausage fest i mean barber shop .

  32. If any rapper or diss song can mess with Nas than hip hop is truly dead! Jay can’t touch Nas period on this rap shit. And… if PAC and Big were alive they would tell you the same thing! Those same dudes idolized Nas for his lyrical ability! Nas was the King back then and still is the King now. No one is messing with Nas lyrically.

  33. Never understand dudes that try to visualize or guess what is not true or factual when they were not there to witness shit! This fat funny looking dude “thagod”act like he hung around Nas or Jay back in the day! Dude how the “f” do you know about what is factual? Dude have no talent at all but sit behind a microphone and give his opinion about someone or something all day long on interviews or doing interviews. Nas is the shit ni$$a and will always be the greatest now “f” what you heard and ride Jay’s lips.

  34. People keep saying jaz z spoke facts. He was never moving “weight in 88” he never before rap had “moneystacks bigger then you” his breakdown of nas albums being wack are not fact. Now on either part. Yes it is factual that jay wanted to be on every last one of nas classics. It is facts Jay dick Ryde kane, big and irv. And Jay was trying to be big while dame was puff lol lol. So actually Jay z was the one spitting emotional bullshit while nas was speaking facts. But Jay dick Ryders will never admit that

  35. Charlamagne is animated as if we didnt hear what Jay said. Jay got cooked and i was leaning Jay before the beef heated up. I honestly thought Nas was over. Jay dedicated the Blueprint 2 with that Western beat and Super Ugly. They both were major fails. “Yaw Niggas deal with emotions like bitches what sad is u my brother u traded ya soul for riches”, that’s fact. Jay is a party rapper with hooks and good melodies. Nas is a straight killer and not that great on party hits. True hip hop heads know Godson the troof.

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