Charles Hamilton Talks How Being Bipolar And Suicidal Has Affected His Career


Charles Hamilton’s career has had more downs than ups but now he is looking for a fresh start.

In an interview with Billboard, Hamilton reflected on his career, which has been plagued with more trouble than success. When he was buzzing as an upcoming rapper out of Harlem he should have been ecstatic, but he had hit an all-time low due to suffering symptoms of his un-diagnosed bipolar disorder.

“I just didn’t trust anybody,” the “Brooklyn Girls” rapper told Billboard. “I was fighting depression — I shut myself in. I didn’t leave my house– I just made music all the time.”

He then experienced his share of embarrassment on social media. Videos of him being punched by his then-girlfriend and losing rap battles had surfaced. Plus, he had dedicated a blog and mixtape to Rihanna, whom he was seemingly obsessed with at the time. Then he found out he was dropped by Interscope Records from his then girlfriend,who found out on the internet, and he cut himself off from the world.

“I wanted to commit career suicide, physical suicide, spiritual suicide — I didn’t care anymore,” he said.  “I locked myself in my house with the lights out and a turntable turning with no record on it. I was depressed, paranoid and confused.” 

His life went on a downward spiral after he was arrested for punching a police officer and had stints in different psychiatric facilities. Hamilton was also homeless, living in an abandoned building in Staten Island threatening suicide to those who would listen.

But now, the 27-year-old’s life is on the right track. He has been signed to Republic Records and has been teaming up with producers the Invisible Men, who worked on Iggy Azalea’s mega-hit “Fancy.”Hamilton is currently adhering to a medication schedule and has an album due out later this year. 

He also scored an appearance on FOX’s#### series Empire and will appear on the Mar. 18th episode to perform his new track “New York Raining” with Rita Ora.

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