Charleston White & Rick Ross’ BM Tia Kemp Drag Kids Into Bitter Feud 

Charleston White Tia Kemp

Charleston White and Tia Kemp are dragging family members into their online beef as their drama continued on Tuesday morning.  

Charleston White and Tia Kemp, Rick Ross’ baby mama, are risking a potential Instagram ban to take each other down while dragging their kids into their nasty dispute. 

The controversial social media personalities have taken the gloves off in their war of words. White kicked the beef off on Monday (June 24). He went after Kemp in a video, slamming her parenting skills and blasting her for “publicly shaming” her son’s father by targeting him with wild accusations during her online rants. 

Kemp hit back shortly after in a video of her own, warning White he would regret speaking about her.  

“Aye Charleston White,” Tia Kemp began. “The way I’m finna line yo bull winkle c###-eyed ass up dog on YouTube, you gone wish you ain’t mention my muthafuckin name f### boy. Listen here b#### n####, I said what the f### I said and I’m calling a s#### a s#### just like yo b#### ass do p####.” 

Charleston White and Tia Kemp Trade Jabs

Unsurprisingly, the spat didn’t end there and only escalated further as the day continued with neither party willing to back down. After insulting each other’s looks, White and Kemp upped the ante and dragged the children into it.  

White posted multiple images of Rick Ross and Tia Kemp’s 18-year-old son, William Roberts III, while body shaming him in the caption. He also posted photos of his own children alongside a colorist caption. “My kids (slim, mixed, and gorgeous) vs Her fatherless son (fat, black, and ugly as ever),” he wrote. 

Instagram/Charleston White

Meanwhile, Tia Kemp also shared photos of White’s children and screenshots of their mother’s alleged past charges.  

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However, Instagram removed many of their posts, citing “community guidelines on bullying or harassment.” The feuding pair accused each other of reporting them, and Kemp urged her followers to get White’s page “shut down.” 

Nonetheless, the drama continued on Tuesday morning (June 24), as White challenged the decision and reshared his posts attacking Kemp and her son. Meanwhile, Kemp clapped back, claiming one of the photos White shared was of Rick Ross’ nephew, not his son.