Charlie Clips Set To Battle For Midnight Madness Belt On URL

Charlie Clips has jumped on board the Midnight Madness movement and is so hungry to battle for the belt, he said he will do it for free!

During Saturday night’s Ultimate Rap League “Banned” event, URL co-founder Smack White announced an exciting matchup between two of the best showmen from their respective eras, Charlie Clips and Lu Castro. The battle will go down on URL’s “Resolution 2” Card on February 26.  

Both rappers came on stage for the surprise announcement when Wild ‘N Out star Clips revealed that he wants the Midnight Madness belt. Furthermore, he offered to do the battle for free as he doesn’t need or want the prize money.  

One of the thrilling elements of Midnight Madness is that battlers aren’t paid a fee like most other battle rap events. Competitors battle it out to pick up the money on the floor. The contenders bring their stake and get to leave with it, plus their opponent’s cash if judged the winner. The loser leaves with nothing. Each clash also has one of several titles and belts up for grabs. Additionally, titleholders can put their title and belt on the line for battles on other leagues. Nonetheless, if Charlie Clips beats Lu Castro, he will donate his winnings to charity.  

Charlie Clips vs. Lu Castro 

Lu Castro is the current Men’s Undisputed Championship belt holder and will defend his title against Charlie Clips on the URL. However, Castro said he’s ready for the challenge and will show consistency. “When I pull up, and I say I’m about to pull up, I’m really pulling up,” Castro warned. “So, you gone see what’s up on the 26th for sure.” 

Charlie Clips said despite being a legend and considered one of the Greatest Of All Time, he still wants to improve. He admitted Castro is an electrifying performer and said he’ll be working on his energy in this battle.  

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DNA vs. Hollow Da Don  

Another surprise clash was revealed during Saturday’s event, this one involving two Queens, NY legends who have been going back and forth for some time.

The highly anticipated battle between DNA and Hollow Da Don will also be going down on URL’s Resolution 2 card live on on February 26.