Charlie Clips’ “The Dojo” Returns With Nu Jerzey Twork And Th3 Saga In Short Film

Charlie Clips drops a short film about a rapper struggling with his faith.

(AllHipHop News) Hip-Hop can be an incredibly vulnerable expression of art. And during the quarantine season, some rappers are tapping into their innermost beings and finding ways to articulate the angst that goes hand-in-hand with being a true artist.

Rapper and producer Charlie Clips has tapped two crews to relaunch his channel: NWX and The Four Horsemen. The name of his series is called The Dojo and both episodes have the same title and threaded theme: Good vs. Evil.

And so in the most recent episode of The Doja features Nu Jerzey Twork and Th3 Saga, who made a movie with their 11 minutes.

The synopsis of the short film explains how one rapper struggles with his faith, while the other another rapper serves as an angel, providing stability through belief.

Guess which one is which?

Each rapper crafts his dialogue in the form of conversational emceeing.

Bars and doctrine are what make this lyrical wrestling an important tool for evangelism. But what makes it an essential tool for evangelism is the honest back and forth about one of the rapper’s frustrations with God.

Theologian Rev. Nicole Duncan-Smith believes more Christians need to be transparent about conflicts with believing in a God that allows people to struggle.

“When believers articulate that they don’t understand why God allows them to suffer, they allow for a revelation of triumph and victory in their belief model that is a lot deeper than the superficial understanding that says, ‘I believe cause I am blessed.’ The question is can you believe when you are not being blessed.”

Wild ‘N Out’s Charlie Clips may be a comedian on television, but his curation of such a complicated work of art is nothing to laugh at.

We’ve waited for five years for content from the battle rapper turned content producer. Indeed, both this and the first of The Doja offerings have been worth the wait.