Charlotte Cops Aware Of Young Dolph’s “Bulletproof” Album and Say Arrests Are On The Way


(AllHipHop News) Police in Charlotte, North Carolina are now intimating that arrests are forthcoming in a violent downtown shooting during CIAA Weekend last month.

Over 100 rounds were shot on a downtown street in Charlotte, just as the yearly CIAA championship game was kicking off.

The shooting is not related to any official CIAA-sponsored, but police have established the incident was sparked by sources from the “entertainment industry.”

The prevailing theory is that rapper Young Dolph was the predetermined target, which has been advanced mostly by Young Dolph himself.

In fact, Young Dolph is releasing an album called Bulletproof, where the song titles form a sentence, that also confirm he was supposed to be a victim in the shooting.

The cops are aware of Young Dolph’s album, which will surely be analyzed by investigators.

“I take it more as a taunt towards potential victims out there,” Charlotte-Mecklenburg Deputy Chief Jeff Estes told WCNC, refusing to reveal if Young Dolph has been questioned over the shootout.

“In general, detectives will talk to anyone that they believe is pertinent to the investigation,” Deputy Chief Estes.

According to Chief Estes, arrests are imminent in the case, thanks to new evidence retrieved from several bullet-riddled vans and a GMC Yukon that was totaled at the scene.