Chief Keef Reacts To DJ Akademiks Claiming He Made His Career

Chief Keef

A video appears to show Ak saying he gave Chicago Drill artists their reps.

A certain generation considers Chief Keef one of the most influential rappers of his era. DJ Akademiks also became popular on YouTube around the same time as Keef’s rise in the industry.

The War In Chiraq series by Akademiks covered the street violence in Chief Keef’s hometown of Chicago. It appears Ak believes he played a big role in several Chicago Drill artists breaking out as stars.

“I helped make Keef, n####. I gave them n##### reps they never had. I called that n#### the Chiraq Grim Reaper, that’s why when he’s getting shot at and s### happens to him, y’all are looking at it in disbelief,” said Akademiks in a re-surfaced video.

The controversial blogger continued, “You know why? Because I created that f###### vision that he was untouchable. So don’t do it like it’s one-sided. That’s what I’m trying to tell y’all. I’ve done a lot to create narratives and help rappers themselves.”

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TMZ recently caught up with Chief Keef and asked him about DJ Akademik’s comments. The Finally Rich album creator seemed to dismiss what the Off The Record podcast host had to say.

Instead of directly responding to Ak’s claims, Chief Keef just imitated the YouTuber’s voice. He also repeated the phrase “the War on Chiraq” several times.

For his part, DJ Akademiks took issue with the cameraperson asking the questions. The media figure, who faces criticism for sensationalizing stories in Hip Hop culture, used his Instagram page to claim TMZ misled Chief Keef.

“Salute to Sosa for keeping it cool… TMZ hiring anybody these days. Lying on a n#### name. I ain’t ever say I made Sosa hot and I never called Sosa the grim reaper. How hard is it to quote [people] accurately,” wrote Akademiks. “I ain’t gonna go too hard cuz everybody makes mistakes, but TMZ lol how y’all gonna publish a video asking fake questions of made up quotes to get a clickbait response.”