Child’s DNA On Shellcasings Leads To Lil Yase Murder Suspects

Lil Yase

Two people have been arrested in connection with the slaying of Bay area rapper, Lil Yase.

A pair of suspects, including a woman who was in a relationship with Lil Yase, have been arrested for the rapper’s murder.

Lil Yase was gunned down on November 28th, near a BART station shortly after he left a San Francisco area recording studio.

The rapper provided police with information on his deathbed, which led to the arrests of two people: Angel D. Butler and Jovante D. Williams.

Evidence against the suspects included cell phone records, and shockingly the DNA of their kid, which was found on shell casings recovered from the scene.

It appears as if all of the parties involved were involved in a love triangle, although police have not confirmed a motive for the shooting.

Lil Yase was in a relationship with Angel Butler, who shares a child with Williams.

On Tuesday, local police took Williams and Butler into custody and booked them both with first-degree murder. Butler was also booked on conspiracy to commit a crime, for her role in the slaying.

Both suspects are slated to be arraigned today (April 29th).