Chingy Says Transgender Slander Continues To Impact His Career


Learn about the Chingy and Sidney Starr scandal and its devastating effects on the hip-hop artist’s professional life.

Chingy said his career continues to suffer due to long-standing rumors about an alleged affair with transgender model Sidney Starr, despite her admission that the claims were false.

Chingy had his professional world rattled in 2012 when Starr claimed they had been romantically involved.

Chingy climbed the ranks of the Hip-Hop scene with hits like “Right Thurr” before the scandal broke.

The situation, which Starr later confessed was a fabrication, led to significant professional setbacks for the rapper, including losing a record deal.

Chingy openly discussed the severe impacts of the rumor on his career trajectory with TMZ.

“When that happened, I lost a lot of stuff based off a lie, which was just the most oddest thing I’ve ever seen. Ain’t nothing good happen from that for me… That situation hurt my career like I’m just gonna be honest about it,” Chingy stated.

Despite Starr’s eventual retraction and apology, the damage was done, casting a long shadow over his subsequent musical endeavors and public image.

Since the incident, Chingy has occasionally spoken out against the pitfalls of the industry and the challenges of maintaining a clean and truthful narrative in the public eye.

However, the rapper is pushing forward with his music career. He just dropped a new single aptly titled “Nu Beginnings.”

Take a listen below.