Chris Brown Goes Off and Gets Himself Banned From 100 Lifetime Fitnesses


(AllHipHop News) It looks like Chris Brown’s training for his big fight against Soulja Boy has already gotten off to a bumpy start.

The singer landed in New York earlier today (January 7), and stopped by a Lifetime Fitness Center, with plans to work out with his crew.

Managers of the fitness center claim Chris and his crew were acting disrespectful, being loud and cussing while they were playing basketball.

Witnesses told that when Chris Brown was asked to leave he completely flipped out and even spat in anger on his way out.

Reps for Lifetime Fitness said that Chris was banned from all of their 100 locations across the country.

Chris Brown’s tantrum comes on the heels of Internet beef between he and Soulja Boy.

The two men are going to meet in the ring during a three round pay-per-view fight, that is supposed to be promoted by Floyd Mayweather, who is training Soulja Boy.

Floyd’s Mayweather Promotions is reportedly putting on the event, which will take place in Las Vegas this March.

Meanwhile, boxing legend Mike Tyson has stepped in and announced that he is willing to train Chris Brown.

Reps for Chris Brown have yet to respond to the altercation with managers at Lifetime Fitness.