Chris Brown Talks About His Drug Use, The Truce With Drake And More


Chris Brown paid a visit to the Ebro in the Morning show on Hot 97 for the first time and nothing was off limits.

Chris’ drug use has been said to have gotten a little out of control during his career and he had no problem confirming just that.

” I was off the syrup, the xanax,” said the 25-year-old. “That’s the hood cocktail right there and I’m not ashamed to talk about it. A lot of our youth is doing it now, thinking it’s the cool thing to do.  I don’t knock anyone’s hustle but I just feel for me it wasn’t conducive to me. I was falling asleep on video sets, cussing people out, crazy stuff.”

Breezy also touched on how and he Drake called a truce, which actually came about after Drake’s camp contacted Chris’ management about doing the ESPY spoof.

“They were kind of hesitant because they didn’t know what our temperature would be with each other.” Chris said he was all for it and was happy to make peace. “Let’s just do something funny and make light of the situation. It shows growth and maturity. ”

Watch the interview clips below to see him discuss Karrueche, how his dancing skills compare to Usher and much more.