Chris Cuomo Quotes The Late Bushwick Bill During DNC Breakdown

Chris Cuomo decided to quote Bushwick Bill when he was analyzing the DNC…but did he get it all wrong?

(AllHipHop News) Chris Cuomo went old school on Don Lemon — but in doing so, he butchered a Geto Boys classic.

The youngest Cuomo brother definitely gets an “A” for effort as the debate is still out on his recitation of one of Bushwick Bill’s songs.

During his breakdown of the Democratic National Convention, the People Magazine’s 2017 5th Sexiest Newsmen Alive contender tried to spit some hot fire for his colleague.

What promised to be another crazy Cuomo moment (he and his brother have gone viral several times this year with their cool demeanors and quick references to pop culture with the swag only true New Yorkers can posses), left a few folk old enough in the culture to care wondering if he was really a rap fan or feeding us something slick from his research team.

“You know listening to Clinton, let me go old school on you,” he asked. “Remember the Geto boys? Remember that rap group, the Geto Boys?”

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“One of the guys was too short and they asked him in one of these songs … ‘What do you do when someone messes with your size?’ and then he says ‘First I laugh … then I just slap him in the ass … sounds like a car crash.”

By this time, Don Lemon has his hands over his face and is cracking up. But Cuomo continues, “That’s what the president did to us.”

While it is really unclear, fans are wondering if there was a flub or just some creative licensing going on.

What they did not wonder is if Cuomo mixed up Bushwick Bill with the Oakland rapper, Too Short? True fans understood that in trying to be swift with it, he tripped all over his old school rappers.

As a good sport, he admitted to the mess up and was able to laugh about it with his colleagues. Either way, it made for sheer comedy and another reason why the Hip-Hop community loved the Cuomos.

Think about it, who else would quote a random lyric from an album track from a that is over 30 years old? Oh yeah, Ari Melber from MSNBC. This cable news host recently had a segment with Geto Boys founder, Scarface, on his show.

For those who remember, the song is called, “Size Ain’t S##t” off of the Geto Boys sophomore album, Grip It! On That Other Level.

On it, someone asks High Dollar Billster, “What do you do when motherf##kers underestimate your size man?”

And the late great Hip-Hop giant responds in the song, “First of all I laugh! (Then what?) Smack their ass like a g###### car crash!”

Now to be fair, he probably was giving the world the PG version, since the song is a little bit much for the cable news station’s FCC regulations.