Chrisean Rock Left Confused After She’s Arrested At Blueface’s Court Hearing

Chrisean Rock

Police were waiting to arrest Chrisean Rock when she arrived at a court to support Blueface, the father of her child.

Authorities took Chrisean Rock into custody when she showed up at a Los Angeles County court to support Blueface on Monday (June 10). According to TMZ, the reality TV star was arrested on a felony fugitive warrant and faced an additional charge of assault with a deadly weapon.

Rock brought her baby to court, but officers reportedly took the child away from her. Chrisean Rock acted confused when a paparazzo questioned her about the arrest outside the courthouse.

“I don’t f###### know,” she said. “They saying I got a whole ‘nother case caught up in f###### downtown. I don’t even be downtown. It’s cool. I got my people looking into it.”

Chrisean Rock had a warrant out for her for arrest in Oklahoma. Earlier this year, the polarizing personality claimed she would not surrender to authorities because she needed to take care of her son. She claimed her legal troubles would be resolved without her going to jail.

“My warrants are getting cleaned up,” she said. “I’ve been paying off fees and getting rid of s###, talking to certain people to help my situation out ‘cause you know I have my son. So, the old me would have just turned myself in and dealt with it through from inside to the outside of the jail.

“So, whatever … But right now I gotta play it cautious because I don’t plan on being in jail while my son is growing. I just don’t plan on that at all. So, I’m doing every way possible to get that figured out without even trying to serve time. And it’s working out for me. So, I’ma work on my little situations and stuff.”

Chrisean Rock was accused of violating her probation in an Oklahoma drug case. She was sentenced to four years of probation for drug charges in 2023.