Blueface Calls Cap On Chrisean Rock’s Claims He’s Still Pursuing Her

Blueface Chrisean Rock

Chrisean Rock insists Blueface still wants to be with her despite his recent engagement, but her ex says she’s trying to set him up.  

Chrisean Rock claims she’s staying strong and shunning Blueface’s advances, but he says his ex is lying and trying to set him up.  Despite his recent engagement to the mother of his eldest children, Jaidyn Alexis, the “Baddies South” star insists Blue is still trying to get with her.  

After news broke, Chrisean Rock claimed his proposal was a “publicity stunt” before leaking a recorded phone call between her and Blueface.

Then on Sunday (October 29), the reality TV starlet took to Twitter (X), claiming she has distanced herself from the father of her newborn son, even though he’s still reaching out to her.  

“I really hadda take a step back because still giving a part of me to him is f##### up to my son,” she began. “How I let a n###a that don’t want to be a father to my only son still nut in me.” 

She also claimed Blueface “tested me today n I almost fell for da s###,” but says looking at her son made her realize she should “cut the [immature] selfish s### out.” 

She continued, “Y’all im disappointed with my self rn. Aye blue go f## ya self stop hittin me bruh go find another b#### to cream on you. Plus homie dat s### is unsafe n unsanitary… u gon f### around get HIV the way you move.” 

Blueface Accuses Chrisean Rock Of Capping

However, Blueface responded, claiming Chrisean Rock was lying. “If this is true post the messages,” he wrote alongside a cap emoji.  

In a follow-up post, the Los Angeles native claimed he’s never been to her home. “Show us a pic or video something other then that bogus ass set up ass fone call,” he added.  While Chrisean Rock ignored his response, she continued her posts, stating, “letting go be da hardest s###.”  

Check out her posts below.  

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