Chrisean Rock Debuts Massive New Blueface Face Tattoo—Internet Cringes

Blueface Chrisean Rock

The romance between Chrisean Rock and Blueface continues to take major turns!

Chrisean Rock continues to reaffirm her love for Blueface amid his incarceration by debuting her latest face tattoo bearing his likeness, leading many to question Rock’s sanity.

On Sunday (January 28), Rock shared a post on Instagram solely dedicated to showing off the massive new portrait tattoo she got of Blueface on her cheek. Above the portrait appears to be Blueface’s mugshot and his given name, Johnathan, written in cursive script text above her eyebrow.

“Freeblueface free my daddy I love you papa @bluefasebaby,” Rock wrote in the caption of the post.

Twitter (X) users promptly exploded with harsh critiques of Rock’s new tattoo, criticizing her relationship with Blueface in the process.

“Chrisean Rock getting blueface tatto on her face has to be the most dumbest thing in the history of mankind,” one user wrote, to which another user replied, “Chrisean Rock’s father tryna eat at popeyes knowing that his daughter is an embarrassment to all the ancestors.”

Other users appeared to predict the imminent fallout of the stunt from Rock’s perspective within the coming weeks.

“Chrisean Rock two weeks from now explaining the face tattoo after Blueface cheats on her for the millionth time,” the user wrote.

In addition to Rock’s recent portrait tattoo of Blueface, she also previously commissioned a gigantic neck tattoo of her alleged baby daddy in October of 2022. Not to mention, Rock also recently responded to the backlash after announcing she was moving back into the home she shared with Blueface while the MILF Music founder is in jail. 

“Y’all mad I forgave a n####. Okay? He forgave me too, right?” she began. According to Rock, she and Blueface mended their relationship before he handed himself into jail, so she stopped bashing him in public.

“We was vibing, we was co-parenting,” she said. “That’s why you see me shut up. Out of nowhere I started shutting up.”

Get a close-up of the ink below.

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