Chrissy Teigen Gives Update On John Legend’s Friendship With Kanye

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West

Chrissy Teigen was shocked when she learned Kimye was divorcing but says her good friend did all she could to make their marriage work.

Chrissy Teigen shared an update on pal Kim Kardashian’s wellbeing amid her divorce from rapper Kanye West.

The reality TV star filed for divorce from the “Gold Digger” rapper back in February after months of break-up speculation and, speaking to Andy Cohen on “Watch What Happens Live,” Chrissy admitted the breakup shocked her.

“Kim is doing okay. I know Kim gave her all for everything,” Chrissy shared. “It’s honestly a shame that it didn’t work out because I saw them being a forever relationship.”

“I really did, but I know she tried her best,” she insisted.

When a fan asked Chrissy about the status of her husband John Legend‘s friendship with Kanye, she added: “I will say I have definitely been in touch with Kim more than John has been in touch with Kanye.

“If anyone knows Kanye, it’s that he goes off the grid and it’s hard to ever contact him.”

John and Kanye used to be close friends and music collaborators but began to fall out after Kanye showed his support for former U.S. President Donald Trump – who John has admitted he can’t stand.