Flavor Flav Fires Back At Chuck D & Chuck D Releases Statement With Public Enemy

The dispute between the stars of Public Enemy continues and it isn’t pretty.

(AllHipHop News) Flavor Flav has fired back at Public Enemy frontman Chuck D over a public dispute that resulted in the dismissal of the premier Hip-Hop hype man from the seminal rap collective. 

The rapper-turned-reality show star seemed baffled at the move from his 35-years-and-going comrade-in-Hip-Hop.

“.@MrChuckD are you kidding me right now???,,,over Bernie Sanders??? You wanna destroy something we’ve built over 35 years OVER POLITICS???,,,all because I don’t wanna endorse a candidate,,,I’m very disappointed in you and your decisions right now Chuck,” Flavor Flav said.

The movie comes after Chuck D booted Flavor Flav from the group after his cohort had a lawyer send a cease & desist letter to presidential hopeful Bernie Sanders. 

Flav, 60, continued his impassioned plea over Twitter.

“And @MrChuckD,,,i didn’t sue you on Friday,,,i asked the @berniesanders campaign to correct misleading marketing,,,that’s all it was,,,I’m not your employee,,,i’m your partner,,,you can’t fire me,,,there is no Public Enemy without Flavor Flav,,,so let’s get it right Chuck,,”

Additionally, Flavor Flav asserted that he was not on drugs, as Chuck D said in a tweet. 

“I’m not on drugs like you’re saying and have been clean for 10 years,,,i have battled addiction before and like millions of other Americans I know the massive toll it takes,,,Chuck you know better than to lie about sh#t like that,,,,”

Chuck D, along with the other members of Public Enemy, with a seemingly lawyer-aided letter to refute Flav’s claims he was kicked out of the group because of “politics.”

“Public Enemy did not part ways with Flavor Flav over his political views.
Flavor Flav has been on suspension since 2016 when he was MIA from the Harry Belafonte benefit in Atlanta, Georgia. That was the last straw for the group. He had previously missed numerous live gigs from Glastonbury to Canada, album recording sessions and photo shoots. He always chose to party over work.

Public Enemy Radio toured Europe and co-headlined with the Wu-Tang Clan in May 2019 without Flavor. They have also done numerous benefit shows without Flavor.

While Public Enemy Radio was moving forward, Flavor Flav was starring on the reality show “Growing up Hip-Hop New York,” where an episode featured his children discussing an intervention and putting him into rehab.

It’s time to move on and everyone wishes Flavor well.”

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Chuck D, James Bomb, Pop Diesel, DJ Lord, and Jahi all signed the letter.