Chuck D Discusses Crown Heights Riots, Refers To Rudy Giuliani As “Adolf” (VIDEO)


(AllHipHop News) Twenty-five years ago, violence broke out for days in the Crown Heights neighborhood of Brooklyn, New York.

The racial strife was ignited by the death of a seven-year-old black child as the result of an Orthodox Jewish driver. A Jewish man was later murdered as retaliation.

Public Enemy frontman Chuck D was a guest on MSNBC’s AM Joy show to discuss the Crown Heights Riots.

“The music spoke to people at the time to say, ‘Stand up, be strong and be united,'” stated the Hip Hop legend. “Unfortunately, fear of a black community at that time was more prevalent in New York City, because everybody in New York looks at each other, goes to work together in droves. But the communication is what we asked for.”

The tragic events led to the fall of NYC’s first African-American mayor David Dinkins. He was viewed by some people as offering a weak response to the violence in Brooklyn.

Rudy Giuliani replaced Dinkins as mayor and implemented an aggressive law enforcement strategy. Host Joy Reid asked Chuck D about Giuliani.

“You mean Adolf? I mean Rudolph,” replied Chuck. “It’s just lame to actually say, ‘I’m gonna run for something because the guy or woman that preceded me was too soft and cared about everybody.'”

The Prophets Of Rage member also blasted Giuliani for not reaching out to the African-American community and his police force’s high rate of arrests of minorities.