Chuck D Clowns Donald Trump’s Attempt At Using Gold Sneakers To Gain Black Supporters

Chuck D Donald Trump

The Rock & Roll Hall of Famer shares his thoughts on the MAGA leader’s footwear.

Donald Trump recently introduced his $399 golden, high-top sneakers at Sneaker Con in Philadelphia. While some Trump backers believe the former president’s footwear will raise his popularity with Black Americans, Chuck D is not buying that notion.

“I ain’t never been a sneakerhead. I wear ‘em don’t overthink much of ‘em,” the legendary Public Enemy member posted on X on Monday afternoon (February 26).

Chuck D continued, “Dude thinks he can get the Black vote like the other guy by dangling bait. Lol 2024 we laughed at the possibility of this scenario last century.”

Another X account responded to Chuck D by sharing an old photo of Donald Trump with Jesse Jackson, Don King and the late Muhammad Ali. The picture’s caption read, “Ali loved Trump.”

Chuck D replied, “Love ain’t in none of this when its a photo op, c’mon dude.” He also commented to another person, “[Donald Trump’s] a likeable New Yorker to many, doesn’t mean he can run [s###].”

Fox News personality Raymond Arroyo made national headlines after suggesting Trump’s gold shoes will help the 2024 Republican candidate connect with African Americans. Arroyo claimed Black people, particularly those in the inner city, “love” sneakers.