Rest In Peace: Chuck D’s Father Has Passed Away


Photo Credit: Twitter

(AllHipHop News) Earlier today (Feb. 9), information concerning Chuck D’s father’s death surfaced. Through his official Facebook page, Keith Shocklee, an original member of Public Enemy made the unfortunate announcement. “I want to send my deepest condolences to my friend my partner my homie my brother Chuck D and to my extended family The Ridenhour’s,” expressed Wizard K-Jee.

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“We lost and I can say this our Dad Mr. Lorenzo Ridenhour,” read Shocklee’s reflective post. Over the countless years, the relationship between Chuck D and Shocklee grew into a familial one. The sincere Shocklee would address the late-Mr.Ridenhour instrumental presence in his life.

“We will surely miss you and your stories about your life travels,” wrote The Bomb Squad producer. “You taught us so much about having your own business and you saw the blessing of what we became. I thank you for being there for us to teach and show us how to be MEN. May you rest easy,” were his concluding condolences.

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AllHipHop extends its condolences to Chuck D and the entire Ridenhour family.