Chuck D Suggests Elon Musk Should Ban The N-Word On Twitter

Chuck D

Public Enemy frontman Chuck D explained why he would like to see all variations of the n-word banned from Twitter.

Public Enemy’s Chuck D encouraged Twitter to ban users from posting the n-word on the platform.

The Hip Hop legend advised Twitter boss Elon Musk to ban the word on Friday (December 2). Chuck D equated the word to the s####### symbol, which Twitter suspended Kanye West for posting.

“Yo @elonmusk the next thing twitter should do is ban the N Word the N**ga & ni**er by anyone that uses it here,” Chuck D wrote. “Then we know things are pointing in a equalized direction. Then you can convince Zuck to do the same at IG FB get it outta here suspend em. It’s as bad as that symbol.”

He added, “It ain’t like kicking somebody’s tail in a fight. It’s all words and images here .. keyboard sht … so I’m not talking about anywhere else except social media right now because it can be done .. there gonna be a lotta people backbroke over their ‘pet’ getting smashed on here.”

Chuck D faced some blowback from Twitter users who disagreed with his idea. The influential rapper defended his suggestion, explaining why he supported a social media ban on the word.

“Social Medias pet dog .. hey the original MC rule was never get lazy with W O R D S,” he wrote. “They have impact..some folk gettin all ass-hurt because I suggested taking one bad tooth out of their keyboard grill. It’s not censorship it’s against stupidsht. Everything is mixed in 1 BS bowl.”

Twitter says it suspends users whose primary use of the platform “is to engage in hateful conduct.” Read Twitter’s hateful conduct policy here.