Cipha Sounds Explains Decision To Part Ways With Hot 97


(AllHipHop News) After 17 years with the radio station, Cipha Sounds announced in January he was leaving New York City ‘s Hot 97. Complex caught up with the DJ at his weekly Take It Personal improv comedy show. Cipha reflected on the buildup to his choice to part ways with Hot.

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“Last week I had a very stressful week with Hot 97 because before everything happened this week with Hot 97, it started the week before,” said Cipha. “I was stressed out, it was very weird, I had to make a decision.”

When asked if the bureaucracy and the shifting of top management at the station played a role in breaking from the Hip Hop staple, Cipha clarified he was more concerned with not getting the same level of attention from the brass that he used to receive.

“‘Bureaucracy’ makes it sound like there was a conspiracy or a lot of red tape. I just think we switched bosses a few times, and we merged with another company. I just got a little lost in the shuffle,” Cipha explained. “I don’t hold it against anyone personally, but I had to tell them I’ve been a jock at this station a long time, and they were like, ‘Oh, really?’ That was weird. It’s hard to admit it, but sometimes things just run its course.”

Cipha Sounds started as an intern for Hot 97’s DJ Funkmaster Flex in 1997. He eventually became the co-host of the station’s morning show with Peter Rosenberg.

When longtime on-air personality Angie Martinez resigned from the station in June of 2014, Cipha temporarily took over her time-slot. Hot 97 announced Girl Code star Nessa would be Angie’s permanent replacement in January, just weeks prior to Cipha’s departure.

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