City of Selma is Lifted in New Civil Rights Movie, ‘Through Her Eyes’

The film details the journey of a girl to desegregate an all-white high school.

Selma, Alabama is the setting for many accounts of America’s Civil Rights era. The greatest one that is often recalled is the cross its bridge and legendary conflict that almost left our great leader John Lewis bloodied and close to death.

Through Her Eyes, though fictional, takes its audience on a familiar trip towards justice. The film shadows the Wimbush family as they work to get their Black 15-year-old daughter into an all-white high school.

The lead character, played by Rayven Simone Ferrell, is Rosalee who comes of age right before everyone’s eyes. The shy girl is forced into the movement, by bravely becoming one of her city’s first trailblazers, leaping over hurdles set before her by racist adults trying to maintain the purity of their school.

Ferrell might be recognized from several other films such as  All Eyez on Me and The Bobby Brown Story.

Written and directed by filmmaker Trent Lumpkin, Align Entertainment, LLC., Triauric, in partnership with 1091 Pictures, the indie film has received raved reviews and featured as one of USA Today’s Summer of 2021 Movie Picks.

“I wanted people to experience what Rosalee had to go through simply for wanting to better herself,” Lumpkin said. “History is not Fiction …  If we’re going to create a better future, we have to learn from our past.”

Through Her Eyes is currently available on multiple digital platforms, including Amazon Prime.