Civil Rights Group Declares “War” On YG And Plans Protests At Upcoming Shows


(AllHipHop News) YG will be greeted by thousands of fans later this week during his performance in Maryland, but another group will be there and they aren’t so thrilled the rapper.

A group calling itself the New Civil Rights Alliance is targeting YG and protesting the Compton, California artist, over his controversial song and video “Meet the Flockers.”

“Meet the Flockers” is a “how to” song, which explains the way to successfully execute an armed robbery, and encourages targeting Asian-Americans and their businesses.

The controversy over the single has even reached as far as China, where local citizens are outraged over YG’s track.

A New Civil Rights Alliance representative said they have declared “war” on YG and “cultural violence.”

The rep for the organization went as far as likening the track to tactics Hitler used in pre-World War II Germany, to desensitize the population, in preparation for the violence to come against Jews.

“Historically, Hitler’s promotion of cultural violence against Jews caused the direct violence leading to the Holocaust,” said a rep for NCRA. “Today in America, Cultural Violence desensitizes the devastating effects of hateful behaviors. It motivates the commitment of heinous actions through entertainment for commercial profit, which, in turn, have directly contributed to the high crime rates in this great Nation.”

A number of NCRA’s members, including African-Americans, Asian, White and Latinos, are planning to peacefully protest YG’s concert.

“Every individual should also be held accountable, while being respected, for their actions, regardless of their racial background,” the rep for NCRA continued. “We should embrace great cultural values from all diverse racial groups but strongly denounce the ugly side of the cultural aspects that promote crime and heinous bias against each other.”

The protest is scheduled to take place outside of YG’s concert at the Fillmore in Silver Spring Maryland on October 12.