Claudia Jordan Claims Nicki Minaj Fans Threatened Her 69-Year-Old Mother & 15-Year-Old Niece

The Barbz allegedly leaked her mom’s address online.

(AllHipHop News) Usher Raymond’s comments about Nicki Minaj have led to digital attacks from the Young Money rapper’s stans. While speaking with Swizz Beatz about potential Verzuz battles, Usher said Minaj was a “product” of her longtime rival Lil Kim.

Many social media users and professional media personalities then offered their opinion about Kim’s influence on Nicki. For example, Claudia Jordan was joined on a recent episode of her Out Loud show by LisaRaye McCoy, Syleena Johnson, and Vivica A. Fox to discuss Lil Kim paving the way for Nicki Minaj.

“I don’t know why the fans are getting so angry at what Usher said. Usher did not slam Nicki Minaj by saying that. That is not a diss to her, but it is a fact,” said Jordan. “Lil Kim came up way before her in a crew of all fellas. She was hard with it, and she was sexual. And she made that popular.”

Those words have seemed to p### off some members of Minaj’s fanbase. According to Jordan, the Barbz sent threats to her elderly mother and tormented her teenage niece. The Fox Soul host addressed the alleged harassment on Twitter and Instagram.

Jordan tweeted:

WOW now the Barbz have gone too far. Threatening to “BEAT HER” my 69 year old mother & now harassing my 15 year old niece? At the end of the day what will this accomplish but keep your karma bad & get you bought up on charges? WE stay protected-KNOW THIS. #OverATalkShowConvo smh. So yall can justify trying to scare a little 15 year old black girl- like times aint challenging enough without you barbz being so ridiculous. I hope yall feel good about yourselves. But then again you have to be brainless & soul less to think that is cool or funny. Way to go!

She also wrote on IG:

So me & the girls discussed a literal Hot Topic. We didn’t call anyone out their name, diminish anyone’s talents or say anyone wasn’t great. We just talked about our opinion of an old comparison. Let me just say this AGAIN-both ladies are great and part of history in their individual ways. And by both- I’m talking about nicki minaj and lil kim. In my opinion one paved the way for a certain style and super sexy and sexual lane with hard bars….kim. And the other really raised the bar as far as exploding in the main stream and accomplished incredible things-nicki. The fact that some fans are so unreasonable that a simple 3 minute convo where no one was trashed or bashed lead to this response is absolutely mind blowing. The irony of it all is these threats came outta anger of thinking their queen was being attacked in some kind of way- which is a lie. But the remedy for THAT is to threaten innocent people that have nothing to do with any of this??? The irony! Look I can take all this so called dragging. I can take every last one of your insults about my “no lips” my age, me allegedly being broke, old, irrelevant, a hoe, can’t get a man & all the other goofy sh*t y’all been saying. Bring all ur remarks 2 me & get what you need to off your lil bird chests. But how do you ever think it is ok to threaten to put my mother into a hospital bed who doesn’t even know who the hell you’re defending? Then to track down my niece who u only know who she is because I recently posted a happy birthday post celebrating her- and you heathens go after her???? If you claim to love & want to defend your queen- act like it! Cause this gross, low life crap you guys are pulling is ridiculous and I promise you it ain’t doing nicki any favors! I highly doubt someone as successful as her would approve of you Guys hurting an elderly woman and a child! I am more than able to take all your lil goofy word smoke but leave kids and parents outta this!! You people blew the real convo totally outta proportion like idiots! Grow up and calm the hell down! To my mother and niece from the bottom of my heart I’m so sorry these demons dragged you into my mess. I promise I wont let anything happen 2 you.

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