Rapper Coi Leray Almost Killed In Horrific Accident On Christmas Eve

Coi Leray

Rapper Coi LeRay is celebrating life – after she almost lost hers on Christmas Eve.

Buzzing rapper Coi Leray is lucky to be alive today to celebrate Christmas.

Coi Leray was almost killed yesterday afternoon (December 24th), as she was delivering Christmas gifts to friends and families.

The 23-year-old rapper, who is the daughter of rap legend Ray “Benzino” Scott, was involved in a terrible car accident.

Coi was heading on to the highway when a driver in a hurry ran his red light and smashed into her car head-on.

Thankfully, Coi walked away with just some scratches and bruises, and she even managed to get the gifts she purchased for Christmas to her loved ones.

But, the “Huddy” rapper admitted she was pretty banged up from the accident. She refused to see a doctor after the collision out of fear of catching the coronavirus at the hospital.

“I’m Okay…my left side hurts like on my back and my leg…probably feel it more tmrw..just happy to be alive..don’t wanna go to the hospital because of the virus. Don’t worry I’m strong,” she said.

Despite her pain, Coi was very thankful to be alive, although she may want to reconsider and go see a doctor after such a terrible wreck.

“God said nope….not yet…you still have unfinished business…you need to show the world your (sic) a star…” Coi continued.

Check the images from the accident scene below: