Colin Kaepernick’s Lawyer Mark Geragos Says Jay-Z NFL Deal Is “Cold Blooded”

The Roc Nation founder is under fire for a new partnership with the NFL to help change the league’s image while giving a boost to the Super Bowl.

(AllHipHop News) Shawn “Jay-Z” Carter has been receiving intense criticism since he announced a broad new partnership with the NFL 

Colin Kaepernick’s lawyer had some strong words for billionaire rap mogul Jay Z, who is being criticized for his new partnership to help remake the NFL’s image. 

“This deal between Jay-Z and the NFL crosses the intellectual picket line…I can confirm to you that the deal was already done prior to any conversation that [Kaepernick] had with Jay-Z and he certainly didn’t have any conversations with the NFL,” Kaepernick’s celebrity lawyer Mark Geragos said.

This is in stark contrast to what Jay Z said during the press conference announcing his involvement on August 14, where he claimed to have had a private conversation with Colin Kaepernick about the matter. 

Colin Kaepernick has maintained the owners of all of the teams in the league conspired to blackball him for kneeling during the national anthem before games when he played for the San Francisco 49’ers. 

The take a knee protest has turned into a PR nightmare for the NFL, who recently decided to hire Jay Z to spearhead their “Inspire Change” initiative.

Kaepernick’s activism sparked an intense dialog about athletes and their First Amendment right to protest inequalities in America. 

Colin Kaepernick eventually settled for less than $10 million, but he still cannot find work in the league. 

“I think we’re past kneeling- I think we’re on to actionable items. I’m not minimizing that part of it. We all know what’s going on now what are we gonna do?” Jay Z said during a press conference. 

Like Geragos, a variety of people have weighed in on Jay’s involvement with the NFL, where the rap mogul will also oversee the Super Bowl 2019 halftime show. 

Artists like Cardi B., Freddie Gibbs, Killer Mike have supported Jay Z, while Funkmaster Flex, Jermaine Dupri and players Eric Reid and Kenny Stills have pondered whether the Roc-A-Fella founder is trying to “Inspire Change” or line his pockets with billions as the next owner of an NFL team.