Cookies Founder Berner Says Investors Tried To Ruin & Take His Business As He Fought Cancer

Berner, a cannabis business pioneer said he will not stop fighting for his company as he fights disgruntled investors.

Cookies founder and rapper Gilbert “Berner” Milam took to social media to talk about people in the cannabis investment space trying to take over and kick him out of the marijuana brand he created a decade ago.

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He posted a dark video with soft music playing while smoking a joint titled “Public Berner Announcement.”

In it, he noted, the attack came as he was battling Stage 3 Colon Cancer, calling the period “extremely hard” and saying, “I literally was fighting for my life. What made that fight a lot more difficult and challenging was the fact that I was forced to fight for my business at the same time.”

According to the entrepreneur, a group of predatory investors started poking around the popular weed company with the intention of sabotaging the business relationships that made the company thrive. He said they were working from the inside out to get him removed as a decision-maker in the business.

“I ask what Cookies is without what we built together?” he said.  “I don’t know.”

Berner said he was only speaking out because he wanted to put people on to how sinister the cannabis space is after a group of investors filed a lawsuit against him.

Lawyers for the group suing the rapper claim he bullied them into using his preferred vendors, stole cannabis strains, and even resorted to violence to get his way. They also claim Berner and other execs took millions in kickbacks.

The investors even claim Berner received millions in jewelry as an under-the-table form of payment from one vendor.

“I hate that more and more people in our industry end up in this situation,” he said. “Because I didn’t want to give in to wild demands and change the way that I chose to build Cookies, these guys are throwing a fit and trying to put me and my company in the corner and starve us out.”

Defiantly he said, “Well, that’s not gonna happen.”

Berner, even as he is recovering from one of the most terrifying health scares of his life, says he is still ready to fight.