Coolio To Soulja Boy: Quit Playing Before You Get Hurt


(AllHipHop News) Coolio has not been a topic of conversation in Hip Hop for a while, but the 1990’s rap star is now weighing in on Soulja Boy.

The “Gangsta’s Paradise” performer spoke about Soulja with the Domenick Nati Show.

“He’s playing a dangerous game, and he better be careful,” said Coolio. “I think he should go back home to Atlanta or wherever he’s from because if he doesn’t, something bad’s gonna happen.”

There have been a couple of reported criminal incidents involving Soulja, including his Hollywood Hills home being burglarized. 

Coolio added, “What you wanna be in the hood for anyway? There’s nothing in the hood but dudes. Don’t let me find out that that’s what you… Come on, man. Quit playing before you get hurt.”

The 53-year-old Compton native suggested Soulja Boy get a mentor – such as Big Boi, Andre 3000, or Bun B – to “show him that he’s going the wrong direction before it’s too late.”