Cordae Drops New Song With Eminem, Rap God Shouts Out Murda Mook And Tsu Surf

Two generations hop on a track to create something amazing for all ages.

Rapper Cordae drops his new album From a Bird’s Eye View and everyone is going bonkers at how fire it is. It’s no surprise that the lead single, “Parable (Remix)” featuring Eminem is a driving force bringing attention to the project.

Cordae is one the best emcees of his generation and is one of few (in any generation) that can honestly hold their own on a track with the rap god.

He spits in his second verse a declaration of where he is in life at this moment.

“First and foremost, for every door that’s opened, a door close/ Beat a n####, take his Bordeauxs, upgrade my wardrobe/ And Lord knows livin’ like this, it leads a short road/ A dead-end, or prison time, where we was headin’/
Instead, when I got bread, broke it with brethren/ Eyes open, leave the house, move like a veteran/ Made a couple of dollars from come-ups, my n##### flexin’/ N#### got a problem, then I can make some corrections/ Okay, cool, still with the same n##### since grade school/ Give a f### about your Shade Room when I had made room”

His measure flow sinks in the track like heated butter, while Em’s rapid-fire chops the beat like a Hibachi chef. The Detroit native takes shots at The Source magazine, Tekashi 69 and name drops to battle rap gods.

“I done seen some s### within my lifetime, at one time, I/ Can still remember just how bad I used to want ‘5 mics’/ My biggest dream was just to make it into Unsigned Hype/ It’s so hard for me to fathom this was once my life/ S###’ll make you wanna cop-out like a plea deal/ So, I treat a beat like it’s Tekashi, spit on that b#### like Meek Mill/ My addiction got me weak-willed/ I’m relapsing, I think I can’t seem to stop eating Beat Pills/ And Doctor D-R-E, he still keeps on giving me refills.”

He references his infamous feud with the “Bible of Hip-Hop,” dating back to earlier in their career, the Tekashi/ Meek Mill beef, drops a plug for his guy’s electronic company and lets us know that Dre is still making him joints.

Always in tune with the culture, he references his children’s generation and pays homage to the rap playing field of his origins.

“That every single word’ll be true so without further adieu/ It’s return of the ruthless more murderous than Mook is so what you’re gonna do’s think I’m/ Allergic when I point this mother###kin burer at ‘chu/ I throw shade it’ll be curtains for you/ Pray for the verse to get through/ birth of a new/ Worser me who’s determined to do/ Permanent damage with the words that I threw, bird’s-eye view, I referred to as Zeus (Tsu Surf)/ Circlin’ you like I’m a vulture features are tournaments, I turn ’em into”

The Wave from Jersey heard the sub shout out on his birthday and posted it on his social media.

Not a bad present for ya, B-Day. A shout-out from Marshall Mathers on Cordae’s sophomore full-project that has the potential of being the best album of the year.