Cormega: I Don't Respect When NYC Artists Sound Like They're From The South


(AllHipHop News) There has been a lot of discussion over the last decade about the state of New York City Hip Hop. One of the reasons often given for why the birthplace of the culture is not dominating on the national level any longer is because too many rappers from the city adopted a down south sound.

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Whether that is the case or not, NYC representative Cormega has expressed he is not feeling the idea of rappers from his hometown fully embracing the southern rap style. Mega did an interview with ReThunk, and the Queens native shared his thoughts about New Yorkers sounding like they are from the Third Coast.

“You hear New York rappers that have production that sound like they’re southern artists. Or accents from their voice that sound like they’re southern artists,” said Mega. “That I don’t respect, because your accent is a direct reflection of where you’re from.”

Cormega is not sour on all the young talent emerging from the Big Apple. The creator of 2014’s Mega Philosophy album names Joey Bada$$ as one of the acts he does appreciate. Mega even compared the Pro Era frontman to early Black Moon.

“When you hear [Joey] you hear Brooklyn, so I respect that,” Cormega added. “You can tell he also studied from the greats.”

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Watch Cormega’s interview below.