Karen Goes Nuts And Accosts A Black Woman In The Park For Selling Hair Extensions

Karen Hair Extensions

Another Karen has popped up for accusing a black woman of dealing drugs at a local park in Sacramento California. And now the woman and her dog are going viral!

A crazy Karen stops a woman on her bike because she believes that she is dealing drugs.

Problem is … the lady wasn’t. She was dropping off hair extensions and headbands to her homegirl.

An unnamed white woman is captured on video warning a bonnet-wearing Black woman about police lurking and seeming to tell her to hustle somewhere other than outside of the local park in her Natomas neighborhood in Sacramento, CA.


The Karen is heard saying, “I was just giving you a heads up.”

“Ma’am. Do you see what this is? Hair extensions …” the Black woman replied.

“Why are you doing it here?”

“Because I can. It is a public park. Do you own the park? Can people pick up here? It’s just a pickup.”

“It looks like a drug deal.”

“I don’t care what it looks like. Call the police. I pay $50,000 in taxes. I pay my mortgage.”

The lady told her to do her sale at her house. But the woman on the bike dismissed her, handing the hair over to her customer, TikTok user @pretti_tb.

Twitter is having a field day with this one.

“White lady so busy putting her head up the hair girl’s ass she’s not even paying attention to her dog s####### on the lawn… go clean it up Karen.”

“Another white supremacist Karen all up in Black folks business for no reason whatsoever. File this under: ‘Running a business & delivering hair extensions while being Black!’ This happened in Sacramento, CA. Activate that summer jam screen y’all & make this Karen famous!”


“I am guessing that Karen had watched Chris Rick’s Good Hair.”

“No reason in the world for the Karen to be telling the lady with the hair product’s what to do & not do. None of your business.”

“Here’s another racist idiot. How dare these women choose to meet in a public park to exchange hair care items had by one and needed by the other! How dare they not ask Karen for permission first!”

“This Karen never once considers using her relationships w/ her “concerned neighbors” to inform them “the [black] girl on the bike” is actually just delivering hair extensions to her clients. “Why don’t you do it at your house?” Because she’s trying to provide customer service…”